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The North Dakota Legislative Council is an non-partisan, all-purpose legislative service agency that is dedicated to serving the members of the North Dakota Legislature.


The Legislative Council is governed by a 17 legislator committee called Legislative Management. The members of the Legislative Management committee includes the Majority and Minority Leaders of the North Dakota House of Representatives and the Speaker of the House. The House Speaker is responsible for nominating six legislators, three from the majority and the minority[1]. The Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota also nominates four members to serve on Legislative Management, two from the majority and two from the minority.

Legislative Council is led by a director who is responsible for overseeing a 31 person staff[2].


Fiscal division

The Fiscal Division has an Auditor and fiscal analysts on staff that provide analysis of the North Dakota Budget. Also, the Fiscal Division staffs the Legislative Audit and Fiscal Review committees[3].

Information Technology division

The Information Technology Division of Legislative Council is responsible for maintaining and supporting all computer networks in the North Dakota[4].

Legal division

The Legal Division is responsible for handling all bill drafting in the North Dakota Legislature along with revising the North Dakota Century Code[3].

Library Services division

The Research Division houses the North Dakota Legislative Library and also publishes the Measures Before the Voters guide before each election involving statewide ballot measures[5].

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