November 5, 2013 ballot measures in Arizona

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The 2013 local measure to watch in Arizona was the initiative in Tucson seeking to change the pension system for new public employees from a defined benefit plan to a 401(k) style defined contribution plan. This measure, however, was removed from the ballot due to a lawsuit based on circulator qualifications and petitioner regulation technicalities.

Nevertheless, Tucson voters will still have decisions to make. Two other measures, a base expenditure limitation increase and a general 10 year city plan await the electors' approval on November 5.

The other measures on the ballot in Arizona mainly consist of city and school district bond issues and capital overrides.

By county


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DefeateddQuestion 1: Coconino Community College Additional Property Tax Levy
ApprovedaGrand Canyon Unified School District No. 4 Budget Override Question (November 2013)

ApprovedaWilliams Hospital District Property Tax Levy Question (November 2013)


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Defeatedd Question 1: City of Tombstone General Obligation Bond Issue
Defeatedd Question 2: City of Tombstone General Obligation Bond Issue
Approveda Question 3: City of Tombstone General Obligation Bond Issue
Approveda San Pedro Hospital District Budget Override Question (November 2013)
Approveda St. David School District Budget Override Question (November 2013)


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Approveda Question 1: City of Mesa Public Safety Bonds
Approveda Question 2: City of Mesa Street and Highway Bonds
Defeatedd Question 1: Dysart School District bond Issue
Approveda Question 1: Washington Elementary School District No. 6 Capital Outlay Override
Defeatedd Question 1: Gilbert Unified School District No. 41 Budget Increase Override
Defeatedd Question 1: City of Scottsdale Parks, Libraries and Community Facilities Bond Issue
Defeatedd Question 2: City of Scottsdale Public Safety Bond Issue
Defeatedd Question 3: City of Scottsdale Flood Control Bond Issue
Defeatedd Question 4: City of Scottsdale Transportation, Streets and Trails Bond Issue
Defeatedd Question 5: City of Scottsdale Water Utility Distribution Franchise Authorization


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Proposed ballot measures that were not on a ballot Proposition 201: City of Tucson Pension Reform Initiative


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