November 5, 2013 ballot measures in California

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August 27
November 5 is the 14th date in 2013 for local ballot measure elections in California.

Compared to other years

The number of local ballot measure elections held on November 5 was a decline from the number of local ballot measure elections held in the previous four Novembers in California. Elections held in even-numbered years historically attract much higher numbers than those held in odd-numbered years. Comparing the number of local ballot measure elections on November 5, 2013 just to those on the November 8, 2011 ballot indicated a 22% decline in the number of measures on the ballot in these two odd-numbered years.

Local ballot measure frequency in November elections:

November election # of measures # of counties
November 4, 2008 380 51
November 3, 2009 122 22
November 2, 2010 342 50
November 8, 2011 90 24
November 5, 2013 70 19

Bonds and taxes

45 of the 70 measures on the November 5 ballot pertained to local tax and bond measures $22 billion of borrowing in 87 school districts. Stay tuned after the election to see how this year's approval rate for tax and bond measures compares to years past.

Local ballot measures

Contra Costa

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Approveda Measure B: Moraga School District parcel tax
Approveda Measure D: City of San Ramon election date changes ordinance
Approveda Measure E: City of San Ramon election date changes amendment
Approveda Measure C: City of Antioch services sales tax


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Tied Measure K: City of Selma Hotel Tax Increase
Approveda Measure P: City of Huron Police Services Tax Increase


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Approveda Measure K: Fieldbrook Glendale Community Services District parcel tax

Los Angeles

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Tied Measure A: City of Hawthorne Mayor Term Length
Defeatedd Measure B: City of Hermosa Beach Postmidnight Business Hours
Approveda Measure W: Wiseburn Unified School District Formation



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San Bernardino

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San Francisco

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San Joaquin

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San Mateo

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Santa Barbara

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Santa Clara

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Santa Cruz

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State measures

There are no state-wide ballot measures in 2013 for California voters.