Nye County School District, Nevada

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Taxes P
Meetings P
Elected Officials P
Administrative Officials P
Contracts P
Audits P
Public Records N
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Background Checks P

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Transparency grading process
Nye County School District is a school district in Nevada.

Website evaluation

Main article: Evaluation of Nevada school district websites

Nye County, Nevada covers 18,000 square miles. The Nye County School District serves over 6,000 students at its 18 schools.[1]

Last rated on December 2, 2012.

The good

  • Budget
    • The most current budget is listed.[2]
  • Administrative Officials
    • Administrative officials are listed with email forms and phone numbers. [3]
    • Physical addresses are listed on the website [4]
  • Elected Officials
    • Elected officials are listed with a mailing address, phone number and personalized email.[5]
  • Meetings
    • Meeting minutes are archived for 4 years.[6]
    • A meeting calendar is available and names the times and locations of public meetings.[7]
  • Audits
    • The most recent audit is posted.[8]
  • Contracts
    • Union contracts for administrators, teachers and support staff are available.[9]
  • Taxes
    • Tax revenues are broken down by federal, state, and local funding in the budget.[10]
  • Academics
    • School provides a link to a website with academic reporting data for their district [11]

The bad

  • Elected Officials
    • Personalized email addresses are not provided.
  • Administrative Officials
    • Personalized email addresses are not provided.
  • Meetings
    • Meeting agendas are not provided.
  • Taxes
    • Tax rates are not published
    • Portion of taxes dedicated to the school district are not available
  • Public Records
    • Records policy is not posted
    • Records contact is not available
  • Audits
    • Audits are not archived for three years.
  • Background checks
    • The only information on background checks, which are conducted for every employee and volunteer, is only found on a document addressing the cost of fingerprinting.[12]

School Board

The school board is for responsible adopting an annual budget for the school district based on the educational plan for the district and the recommendations of the administrators. In addition, the board supervises the execution of the budget, reviews school district accounts and provides for an annual audit of the accounts as required by law. The school board is also responsible for adopting academic standards for pupils and establishing expectations for the district. The school board monitors student academic achievement and exercises general oversight of the schools in the district.[13]

Member Position Represents Year Elected
Kevin Pape President Area V 2007
Harold Tokerud Vice-President Area VI not given
Tracie Ward Clerk Area IV not given
Edna Jean Forsgen Trustee Area I 2006
J.E. McNeely Trustee Area II not given
Mike Floyd Trustee Area III 2006
Dennis Keating Trustee Area VII not given

Contact information for each board member is available on the website.[14] Board members are elected to a four-year term pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute 386.180.[15][16]

The board posts its policies and regulations on its website.[17] The board's meeting schedule is available online[18], and an Agenda Request Form is available on the website, presumably for those who wish to be added to the agenda for an upcoming meeting.[19]


The district spends $9,678 per pupil, compared to the state average expenditure of $7,742 per pupil.[20]

Local sources accounted for 45% of the sources of funding, state funding accounted for 48% and federal funding accounted for 7% of the sources of funding.[21]

The district received $2,046,508 in state grants for the 2008-09 school year.[22]

The average teacher salary is $53,978.[23]

The largest expenditures of the budget for the fiscal year ending in 2008 were the Operational Budget at an expenditure of $59,862,701 and capital projects, on which the district spent. $20,735,584.[24]

Academic Performance

The Adequate Yearly Progress designations for the 2008-09 school year[25]

School Adequate Yearly Classification
Amargosa Valley Elementary In Need of Improvement
Beatty Elementary Adequate
Duckwater Elementary Adequate
Gabbs Elementary Adequate
Hafen Elementary Watch
J.G. Johnson Elementary Watch
Manse Elementary Watch
Mt. Charleston Elementary High Achieving
Round Mountain Elementary Watch
Silver Rim Elementary High Achieving
Tonopah Elementary Adequate
Amargosa Valley Middle School Watch
Beatty Middle School Adequate
Duckwater Middle School Adequate
Gabbs Middle School Adequate
Pathways Middle School In Need of Improvement
Rosemary Clark Middle School In Need of Improvement
Round Mountain Junior High Adequate
Tonopah Middle School Adequate
Beatty High School High Achieving
[http://gabbs.nye.k12.nv.us/ Gabbs High School Adequate
Pahrump Valley High School In Need of Improvement
Pathways High School Watch
Round Mountain High School Adequate
Tonopah High School Adequate


The school board belongs to the Nevada Association of School Boards, a government sector lobbying association.[26]

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