Oakland Zoo Parcel Tax, Measure A1 (November 2012)

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An Oakland Zoo parcel tax, Measure A1 ballot question is on the November 6, 2012, ballot for voters in Alameda County.[1]

If the measure is approved, a parcel tax of $12 per parcel per year will be levied. This will result in new tax revenues of about $4.5 million a year.[1]

A two-thirds supermajority vote is required for passage.


Ruth Malone, a resident of Oakland, says, "To even ask for more at a time when cities and counties are struggling to provide basic services, when schools and libraries are struggling to manage with limited funds, roads and streets are deteriorating, people all over the county are hurting and Oakland’s police radios reportedly don’t even work half the time when they are trying to stop crimes, just shows the complete arrogance of zoo executives. They think we should all add more to the public trough so they can build their bay view offices, gift shop, restaurant and visitor center. The zoo has great programs and some great people working for it. But zoo executives seem completely out of touch. This plan is so wrong in SO many ways."[2]

Ballot text

The question on the ballot:

MEASURE A1: "To maintain/upgrade humane animal care and basic needs (food, medical, heating, cooling, safe enclosures); retain veterinarians/animal specialists; care for wounded/endangered animals; support wildlife conservation; maintain children's educational, nature/science programs, field trips; and keep entrance fees affordable; shall Alameda County levy a tax of $12/parcel annually for residential parcels and comparable commercial/industrial rates, with low-income senior exemptions, mandatory audits, and citizens' oversight?"[3]

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