Ohio 1992 ballot measures

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This table shows all initiatives and referenda that made the ballot in Ohio for 1992. In the tables below, "CICA" stands for citizen-initiated constitutional amendment, "CSS" for a citizen-initiated state statute, "CR" for a citizen referendum, "LR" for a legislative referral, and "LRCA" for a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment.

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Year Type Initiative Title Subject Matter Description Status
1992 Unknown Constitutional Question Constitutional Law Question regarding whether there should be a convention to revise, alter, or amend the constitution. Failed
Yes: 38.6%
No: 61.4%
1992 CICA Congressional Term Limits Initiative Term_limits Enacts term limits for members of congress Passed
Yes: 66.2%
No: 33.8%
1992 CICA Gubernatorial Term Limits Initiative Term_limits Enacts term limits for the Governor Passed
Yes: 68.4%
No: 31.6%
1992 CICA Statewide Official Term Limits Term_limits Enacts term limits for statewide officials Passed
Yes: 69.2%
No: 30.8%
1992 CICA Toxic Substance Warming Initiative Business Would require businesses to place warnings on toxic substances Failed
Yes: 21.9%
No: 78.1%

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