Ohio Clean Energy Projects Amendment (2013)

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The Ohio Clean Energy Projects Amendment may appear on the November 2013 ballot in the state of Ohio as an initiated constitutional amendment. The measure would provide state funding for clean energy initiatives. According to reports, the Ohio Clean Energy Initiative, as the proposal was called by supporters, would specifically provide $13 billion in state bonds for "solar, wind, biomass, battery technology and geothermal facilities." The funding would have been spread out over ten years, about $1.3 billion annually.[1] The measure is sponsored by Yes for Ohio's Energy Future.


The following is information obtained from the supporting side of the measure:


  • Yes for Ohio's Energy Future

Path to the ballot

2012 attempt

In order for the measure to make the ballot, supporters must have collected 385,247 valid signatures from state registered voters by the July 4, 2011 petition drive deadline. The measure did not make the ballot, as the Ohio Secretary of State's office reported only one measure filing signatures by the deadline.[2]

2013 attempt

As of March 4, 2013, the measure is still listed as active on the Ohio Secretary of State website.[3] Supporters will need to turn in 385,247 signatures to the secretary of state by July 3, 2013 to qualify for the 2013 ballot.

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