Ohio Guaranteeing High Quality Public Education (2008)

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The Ohio Guaranteeing High Quality Public Education (2008) initiative was an initiated constitutional amendment that, if passed, would have provided that each public school pupil had a fundamental right, guaranteed by the state, to the opportunity for a high quality public education, regardless of school district property values, income levels or other demographic or geographic factors. Each public school district would have provided for programmatic choices that must have offered the opportunity for a high quality public education to each of its pupils.[1]


The Getting it Right for Ohio's Future campaign, which included 12 statewide education groups.


The all volunteer campaign had suspended its signature gathering efforts.[2]


Jim Betts, spokesperson for the Campaign for Ohio’s Future, representing the consortium of grassroots and professional education organizations, stated: “Getting It Right for Ohio’s Future puts Ohio’s children first by creating a system that determines what a high-quality education would cost based on student need and paying for that education without an unfair reliance on property taxes."[3]


The Conservative Culture blog had come out against the initiative, saying it would be a "blank check" for the legislature. Read their article here: Ohio School Funding Initiative--Read Between the Lines

Governor Ted Strickland did not support the initiated constitutional amendment, reiterating that his focus was on "working with the legislature to develop a meaningful funding plan."[4]

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