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The Ohio Legislative Service Commission is a non-partisan, all-purpose legislative service agency dedicated to serving the members and staff of the Ohio Legislature.


The Ohio Legislative Service Commission was created by an act of the Ohio Legislature in 1953[1].


The LSC is governed by a Commission that consists of fourteen legislators. The Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives serves on the committee and in-turn appoints six other members from the House. The President of the Ohio State Senate serves on the LSC and appoints six other Senators to serve on the Commission. No more than four out of the six members appointed by the House Speaker or the Senate President can be from the same party[2].

Services offered

Bill drafting

The LSC does all bill and resolution drafting on request by any member of the Ohio General Assembly[3].

Fiscal Impact Statement

Fiscal impact statements are required for any proposed legislation in the State of Ohio. The LSC provides all fiscal impact statements. Also, the Legislative Services Commission performs all fiscal analysis on the Ohio state budget and all appropriations bills considered by the General [4].

Legal services

The LSC provides legal services to members and staff of the Ohio General Assembly. This includes legal opinions and reviewing bill drafts to make sure they are in compliance with Ohio law[5].

Library services

A legislative library is maintained by the LSC which includes current and past Ohio legislative materials, periodicals, books, federal publications, and other related materials to the Ohio General Assembly[6].


Publications of interest to legislators and the general public are made time after time by the Legislative Service Commission including session journals, special reports, and other documents[7].

Revisior of Statutes

The LSC is responsible for maintaining the Ohio Code and necessary administrative rules in the jurisdiction of the Legislative Service Commission[8].

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