Ohio Quality Public Education Act (2007)

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The Quality Public Education Act, a proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution to increase school funding, tried but failed to qualify for the November 2007 ballot in Ohio.

Some of the goals of the initiative included:

  • Determine levels of funding based on student need for all types of students
  • Eliminate "phantom revenue" of untaxed property value calculations by the state
  • Exempt Ohio seniors and disabled citizens from property taxes on the first $40,000 of the market value of their homes
  • Create an independent commission appointed by the governor, speaker of the House and Senate president that monitors districts
  • Direct the independent commission to report annually to the governor, General Assembly, State Board of Education and the public
  • Create and maintain a permanent local government fund to support police and fire departments, libraries and other local government services that financially support Ohio schools
  • Establish a system that ensures total state funding for Ohio's public institutions of higher education receive no less than the amount provided in 2007 and increases annually based on the state's personal income percentage.[1]


Get it Right! For Ohio's Future sponsored the initiative.

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