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List of school districts in Ohio

State profile
Number of students: 1,864,340
Number of schools: 3,579
Number of school districts: 610
Graduation rate: 81.4%
Per-pupil spending: $11,030
State school administration
State Superintendent: Richard Ross
State Board President: Debe Terhar
State Board Members: 19
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List of school districts in Ohio
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Ohio is home to 610 school districts, 3,579 schools and 1,864,340 K-12 students.[1][2]

Quick facts

State school administrators

  • State Superintendent of Public Instruction: Richard Ross[3]
  • State Board of Education:[4]
    • Debe Terhar, President
    • Thomas W. Gunlock, Vice President
    • Ann E. Jacobs
    • Kathleen A. McGervey
    • Jeffrey J. Mims, Jr.
    • Bryan C. Williams
    • Michael L. Collins
    • Sarah Fowler
    • Deborah Cain
    • Stephanie Dodd
    • Mary Rose Oakar
    • Tess Elshoff
    • Joseph L. Farmer
    • Darryl D. Mehaffie
    • C. Todd Jones
    • Dr. Mark A. Smith

Three seats on the State Board of Education are currently vacant and awaiting appointment from Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Enrollment, academics, and spending

The following table displays the top ten Ohio school districts by total student enrollment, Academic Performance Index (API) scores, and per-pupil spending.[1][2][5]

Student enrollment Academic Performance Index scores Per-pupil spending
1.) Columbus City 1.) Wyoming City 1.) Put-in-Bay Local
2.) Cleveland Metropolitan 2.) Madeira City 2.) Orange High
3.) Cincinnati 3.) Solon City 3.) Switzerland of Ohio Local
4.) Toledo 4.) Indian Hill Exempted Village 4.) Beachwood City
5.) Akron 5.) Rocky River City 5.) Cleveland Heights-University Heights
6.) South-Western City 6.) Ottawa Hills Local 6.) Cuyahoga Heights
7.) Lakota Local 7.) Mason City 7.) Danbury Local
8.) Olentangy Local 8.) Oakwood City 8.) East Cleveland City
9.) Hilliard City 9.) Marion Local 9.) Shaker Heights City
10.) Dayton 10.) Sycamore Community 10.) Youngstown City


The following table displays the ethnic distribution of students in Ohio.[2]

Ethnicity Number of students Percentage
White 1,384,137 74.28%
African American 288,179 15.47%
Two or More Races 78,995 4.24%
Hispanic 76,571 4.11%
Asian/Pacific Islander 32,975 1.77%
American Indian/Alaskan Native 2,519 0.13%

School board elections

Upcoming elections

See also: List of school board elections in 2014

In 2013, 19 of the top enrollment school districts in Ohio held elections for a total of 58 school board seats across the state. No top enrollment districts in Ohio will hold elections in 2014, so the next upcoming elections will be held in 2015.

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