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{{Oklahoma SEO infobox}}{{tnr}}The '''Oklahoma Commissioner of Labor''' is an elected position in the [[Oklahoma]] state government.
{{SEO office infobox
|State = Oklahoma
|Office=Commissioner of Labor
|Office type = Partisan
|Image =Seal of Oklahoma.svg.png
|Office website = http://www.ok.gov/odol/
|Budget = 6662000
|Budget year =2012
|Seats =
|Term limits = 8 years
|Length of term = 4 years
|Authority =[[Article VI, Oklahoma Constitution|Oklahoma Constitution, Article VI, Section 1]]
|Selected = Elected
|Chair =
|Current officeholder = Mark Costello (Oklahoma)
|Partisan = Republican
|Officeholder image = Mark Costello.jpg
|Assumed office = January 10, 2011
|Compensation =105,053
|Next election =[[Oklahoma down ballot state executive elections, 2014|November 4, 2014]]
|Last election=November 2, 2010
|Other offices = [[Governor of Oklahoma|Governor]] • [[Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma|Lieutenant Governor]] • [[Oklahoma Secretary of State|Secretary of State]] • [[Oklahoma Attorney General|Attorney General]] • [[Oklahoma Treasurer|Treasurer]] • [[Oklahoma Auditor|Auditor]] • [[Oklahoma Superintendent of Public Instruction|Superintendent of Education]] • [[Oklahoma Commissioner of Agriculture|Agriculture Commissioner]] • [[Oklahoma Commissioner of Insurance|Insurance Commissioner]] • [[Oklahoma Director of Wildlife Conservation|Natural Resources Commissioner]] • [[Oklahoma Commissioner of Labor|Labor Commissioner]] • [[Oklahoma Corporation Commission|Public Service Commission]]
}}{{tnr}}The '''Oklahoma Commissioner of Labor''' is an elected position in the [[Oklahoma]] state government.
==Current officeholder==
==Current officeholder==
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The office of the Oklahoma labor commissioner is established in [[Article VI, Oklahoma Constitution|Section 1, Article 6]] of the [[Oklahoma Constitution]].
The office of the Oklahoma labor commissioner is established in [[Article VI, Oklahoma Constitution|Article VI, Section 1]] of the [[Oklahoma Constitution]].
'''Article VI, Section 1:'''
'''Article VI, Section 1:'''
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*Wage & Hour Unit
*Wage & Hour Unit
*Workers' Compensation Enforcement Unit
*Workers' Compensation Enforcement Unit
==State budget==
The budget for the Labor Department in Fiscal Year 2012 was $6,662,000.<ref> [http://www.ok.gov/OSF/documents/bud14hd.pdf#page=41&zoom=auto,0,66 ''Office of Management and Enterprise Services,'' "FY-2014 Executive Budget Historical Document,"  accessed April 11, 2013] </ref>

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Oklahoma Commissioner of Labor
General information
Office Type:  Partisan
Office website:  Official Link
2012 FY Budget:  $6,662,000
Term limits:  8 years
Length of term:   4 years
Authority:  Oklahoma Constitution, Article VI, Section 1
Selection Method:  Elected
Current Officeholder

Mark Costello.jpg
Name:  Mark Costello (Oklahoma)
Officeholder Party:  Republican
Assumed office:  January 10, 2011
Compensation:  $105,053
Next election:  November 4, 2014
Last election:  November 2, 2010
Other Oklahoma Executive Offices
GovernorLieutenant GovernorSecretary of StateAttorney GeneralTreasurerAuditorSuperintendent of EducationAgriculture CommissionerInsurance CommissionerNatural Resources CommissionerLabor CommissionerPublic Service Commission
The Oklahoma Commissioner of Labor is an elected position in the Oklahoma state government.

Current officeholder

The current officeholder is Mark Costello. He was first elected in 2010 and assumed office on January 10, 2011.


The office of the Oklahoma labor commissioner is established in Article VI, Section 1 of the Oklahoma Constitution.

Article VI, Section 1:

A. The Executive authority of the state shall be vested in a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, State Auditor and Inspector, Attorney General, State Treasurer, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Commissioner of Labor, Commissioner of Insurance and other officers provided by law and this Constitution, each of whom shall keep his office and public records, books and papers at the seat of government, and shall perform such duties as may be designated in this Constitution or prescribed by law.

B. The Secretary of State shall be appointed by the Governor by and with the consent of the Senate for a term of four (4) years to run concurrently with the term of the Governor.


There are no specific qualifications for this office.


The Oklahoma State Auditor is elected every years, in mid-term elections. The position is elected in 2006, 2010, 2014, and 2018.

On March 14, 2011, the Oklahoma State Senate approved a bill that would give the governor the power to appoint 7 of the 11 statewide elected officials, including the labor commissioner. The Senate would have to confirm all appointments. Voters will decide whether to approve the measure.[1]

Term limits

No person may serve as the Oklahoma labor commissioner for more than 8 years, excluding years served for less than a full term to fill a vacancy in the office.[2]


Under Article 6, Section 13 of the state constitution, in the event of a vacancy in the office the governor appoints a person to serve until a successor is either elected or appointed and qualified by law.


The official powers and duties are outlined in Title 40 of the Oklahoma Statutes:[3]

  1. foster, promote, and develop the welfare of the wage earners of this state
  2. improve working conditions of the wage earners
  3. advance opportunities of wage earners for profitable employment; and
  4. carry into effect all laws in relation to labor enacted by the legislature for which responsibility is assigned to the Commissioner of Labor


  • Administration
  • Asbestos Abatement Division
  • Child Labor Unit
  • Licensing Unit
  • PEOSH Unit
  • Safety Pays OSHA Consultation Division
  • Safety Standards Division
  • Statistical Research Unit
  • Wage & Hour Unit
  • Workers' Compensation Enforcement Unit

State budget

The budget for the Labor Department in Fiscal Year 2012 was $6,662,000.[4]


In 2010, the Oklahoma Superintendent of Public Instruction was paid an estimated $105,053 according to the Council of State Governments.[5]

Contact information


Oklahoma Department of Labor
3017 N. Stiles, Suite 100
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Phone: (405) 521-6100
Toll free: (888) 269-5353
Fax: (405) 521-6018
E-mail: Labor Information

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