Oklahoma Veteran Property Tax, State Question 735 (2008)

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Oklahoma Veteran Property Tax, State Question 735 was a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment. It enacted law which provides exemption for household personal property tax for certain disabled veterans.

Election results

Question 735
Approveda Yes 1,153,831 85.00%

Election results via: Oklahoma Elections Division, 2008 Election Results

Ballot Text



This measure amends the Oklahoma Constitution. It adds Section 8D to Article 10. The measure takes effect January 1, 2009. It creates an exemption from personal property tax. The exemption would be for the full amount of taxes due on all household personal property. The exemption would apply to certain injured veterans. It would also apply to those veterans’ surviving spouses.

To qualify for the exemption an injured veteran would have to meet certain requirements. First, a branch of the Armed Forces or the Oklahoma National Guard would have to have honorably discharged the veteran from active service. Second, the veteran would have to be an Oklahoma resident. Third, the veteran would have to be the head of the household. Fourth, the veteran would have to be one hundred percent permanently disabled. Fifth, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs would have to certify the disability. Sixth, the disability must have occurred through military action or accident, or resulted from a disease contracted while in active service. The Legislature could pass laws to carry out the exemption. Such laws could not change the amount of the exemption.[1]

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