On 14 election days, in 52 counties, Californians voted on 479 local ballot measures

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December 3, 2010


On 14 dates throughout 2010, in nine different months, 479 local ballot measure (not including recall measures) were presented to voters in 52 of California's 58 counties.

The six counties that had no local measures in 2010 were Alpine, Calaveras, Lake, Mariposa, Tehama and Trinity.

In California, when a local ballot measure is to be voted on that pertains to a particular school district, city, special district or a county itself, the administration of the local ballot measure election is handled by the election office of the county that includes the political subdivision the ballot measure applies to.

The cost of administering these elections is reimbursed to county election offices by the relevant political subdivision. Costs of administration vary by county; there is no one set rate. A number of factors go into figuring the cost of administration of a particular ballot measure, including how many other local ballot measures from the same jurisdiction are on the ballot, how many other ballot items in general are on the ballot, and how many voters are involved.

In Newport Beach, a city with a population of about 87,000 residents, the Orange County Registrar of Voters calculated that the cost of administering the election on Newport Beach Measure V on the November 2, 2010 ballot was $105,162[1]

If the assumption is made that Orange County election administration costs are typical, and the population of Newport Beach is close to the average for local ballot measures across the state, then the overall cost of administering the 479 local ballot measure elections in California in 2010 would be estimated at $47.9 million.


Chart of election dates

Election date # of measures
February 2 1
February 23 1
March 2 1
April 13 7
May 4 9
May 25 1
June 8 106
June 15 1
June 22 1
July 13 1
August 24 1
August 31 6
September 21 1
November 2 342
Total: 479

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