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* [http://ltgov.alaska.gov/treadwell/services/alaska-constitution/ordinance-no.-3.html Alaska Constitution, Ordinance 3]
* [http://ltgov.alaska.gov/treadwell/services/alaska-constitution/ordinance-no.-3.html Alaska Constitution, Ordinance 3]
{{Alaska Constitution}}
{{Alaska Constitution}}
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Alaska Constitution
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Ordinance No. 3 of the Alaska Constitution is entitled Abolition of Fish Traps. It has two sections and resulted in the abolition of fish traps.

Section 1

Text of Section 1:


Each elector who offers to vote upon the ratification of the constitution may, upon the same ballot, vote on a third proposition, which shall be as follows:

"Shall Ordinance Number Three of the Alaska Constitutional Convention, prohibiting the use of fish traps for the taking of salmon for commercial purposes in the coastal waters of the State, be adopted?"

Yes [ ] No [ ]

Section 2

Text of Section 2:

Effect of Referendum

If the constitution shall be adopted by the electors and if a majority of all the votes cast for and against this ordinance favor its adoption, then the following shall become operative upon the effective date of the constitution: "As a matter of immediate public necessity, to relieve economic distress among individual fishermen and those dependent upon them for a livelihood, to conserve the rapidly dwindling supply of salmon in Alaska, to insure fair competition among those engaged in commercial fishing, and to make manifest the will of the people of Alaska, the use of fish traps for the taking of salmon for commercial purposes is hereby prohibited in all the coastal waters of the State."

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