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Oregon 2000 ballot measures

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Here is a list of all Oregon 2000 ballot measures, beginning with the legislative referrals, and followed by the citizen initiatives that were voted on that year.

To view all citizen proposed measures for 2000, including ones that did not qualify for ballot status, please see: Oregon 2000 citizen initiatives.

Key Facts

  • Through 1998, 298 initiatives appeared on Oregon's ballot since 1904 when the process started.
  • In 2000, 20 citizen initiatives made the ballot, bringing Oregon's total to 318.

In the table below:

2000 Ballot Measures

Year Type Initiative Title Subject Matter Description Ballot Status Pass or Fail
2000 LCA Oregon Ballot Measure 77 (2000) SJR 1 Amends Constitution: Allows Adjustment In Local Taxing Districts SJR 1 - Amends Constitution: Makes Certain Local Taxing Districts' Temporary Property Tax Authority Permanent Qualified Failed

Yes: 336,253 No: 432,541

2000 CIS Referendum Oregon Ballot Measure 82 (2000) Measure 82 Referendum on HB 2082 Repeals Truck Weight-Mile Tax; Establishes And Increases Fuel Taxes Qualified Failed

Yes: 109,741 No: 767,329

2000 LCA Oregon Ballot Measure 83 (2000) SJR 2 Amends Constitution: Extends Eligibility To Receive Veterans' Farm Or Home Loans SJR 2 - Amends Constitution: Authorizes New Standards, Priorities For Veterans' Loans; Expands Qualified Recipients Qualified Passed

Yes: 1,084,870 No: 365,203

2000 LCA Oregon Ballot Measure 84 (2000) SJR 39 Repeals Secton 15a, Article XI of Oregon Constitution SJR 39 - Amends Constitution: State Must Continue Paying Local Governments For State-Mandated Programs Qualified Passed

Yes: 1,211,384 No: 222,723

2000 LCA Oregon Ballot Measure 78 (2000) SJR 3 Amends Constitution: Extends Deadline for I&R Signature Verification SJR 3 - Amends Constitution: Lengthens Period For Verifying Signatures On Initiative And Referendum Petitions Qualified Passed

Yes: 528,129 No: 327,440

2000 LCA Oregon Ballot Measure 79 (2000) HJR 21 Amends Constitution Modifies Signature Requirements On Initiative & Referendum Qualified Failed

Yes: 356,912 No: 505,081

2000 LCA Oregon Ballot Measure 85 (2000) HJR 28 Allows Formation of County HJR 28 - Amends Constitution: Modifies Population, Minimum Area Requirements For Formation Of New Counties Qualified Failed

Yes: 634,307 No: 767,366

2000 LCA Oregon Ballot Measure 86 (2000) HJR 17 Amends Constitution: Returns Excess General Funds to taxpayers Requires Refunding General Fund Revenues Exceeding State Estimates To Taxpayers Qualified Passed

Yes: 898,793 No: 550,304

2000 LCA Oregon Ballot Measure 87 (2000) HJR 52 Amends Constitution: Allows Regulation Of Location Of Sexually Oriented Businesses Through Zoning Qualified Failed

Yes: 694,410 No: 771,901

2000 LS Oregon Ballot Measure 88 (2000) SB 535 Increases Maximum Deductible In Oregon For Federal Income Taxes Paid Qualified Passed

Yes: 739,270 No: 724,097

2000 LS Oregon Ballot Measure 89 (2000) HB 2007 Dedicates Tobacco Settlement Proceeds To Specified Health, Housing, Transportation Programs Qualified Failed

Yes: 622,814 No: 828,117

2000 LCA Oregon Ballot Measure 80 (2000) SJR 11 Amends Constitution: Authorizes Using Fuel Tax, Vehicle Fees For Increasing Highway Policing Qualified Failed

Yes: 310,640 No: 559,941

2000 LCA Oregon Ballot Measure 81 (2000) HJR 2 Amends Constitution: Allows Legislature To Limit Recovery Of Damages In Civil Actions Qualified Failed

Yes: 219,009 No: 650,348

2000 ICA Oregon Ballot Measure 91 (2000) Prohibition Against Double Taxation Amends Constitution: Makes Federal Income Taxes Fully Deductible On Oregon Tax Returns Qualified Failed

Yes: 661,342 No: 814,885

2000 CIS Oregon Ballot Measure 9 (2000) Student Protection Act Prohibits Public School Instruction Encouraging, Promoting, Sanctioning Homosexual, Bisexual Behaviors Qualified Failed

Yes: 702,572 No: 788,691

2000 ICA Oregon Ballot Measure 98 (2000) Prohibits Using Public Resources For Political Purposes Amends Constitution: Prohibits Using Public Resources For Political Purposes; Limits Payroll Deductions Qualified Failed

Yes: 678,024 No: 776,489

2000 ICA Oregon Ballot Measure 92 (2000) Requires Written Permission For Political Dues Payroll Deduction Amends Constitution: Prohibits Payroll Deductions For Political Purposes Without Specific Written Authorization Qualified Failed

Yes: 656,250 No: 815,338

2000 ICA Oregon Ballot Measure 95 (2000) Performance Pay For Teachers Amends Constitution: Student Learning Determines Teacher Pay; Qualifications, Not Seniority, Determine Retention Qualified Failed

Yes: 514,926 No: 962,250

2000 CIS Oregon Ballot Measure 94 (2000) Measure 11 Repeal Repeals Mandatory Minimum Sentences For Certain Felonies, Requires Resentencing Qualified Failed

Yes: 387,068 No: 1,073,275

2000 ICA Oregon Ballot Measure 93 (2000) Taxpayer Protection Initiative Amends Constitution: Voters Must Approve Most Taxes, Fees; Requires Certain Approval Percentage Qualified Failed

Yes: 581,186 No: 865,091

2000 ICA Oregon Ballot Measure 96 (2000) An Amendment To Preserve Self-Government Amends Constitution: Prohibits Making Initiative Process Harder, Except Through Initiative; Applies Retroactively Qualified Failed

Yes: 527,613 No: 866,588

2000 CIS Oregon Ballot Measure 6 (2000) Oregon Political Accountability Act Provides Public Funding To Candidates Who Limit Spending, Private Contributions Qualified Failed

Yes: 586,910 No: 838,011

2000 ICA Oregon Ballot Measure 2 (2000) Oregonians In Action For Administrative Rule Reform Amends Constitution: Creates Process For Requiring Legislature To Review Administrative Rules Qualified Failed

Yes: 605,575 No: 779,190

2000 CIS Oregon Ballot Measure 97 (2000) Protect Pets and Wildlife - Oregon (ProPaw) Bans Body-Gripping Animal Traps, Some Poisons; Restricts Fur Commerce Qualified Failed

Yes: 606,939 No: 867,219

2000 ICA Oregon Ballot Measure 8 (2000) Appropriate Appropriations Amends Constitution: Limits State Appropriations To Percentage Of State's Prior Personal Income Qualified Failed

Yes: 608,090 No: 789,699

2000 ICA Oregon Ballot Measure 1 (2000) Oregonians for Accountability and Equity in School Funding Amends Constitution: Legislature Must Fund School Quality Goals Adequately; Report; Establish Grants Qualified Passed

Yes: 940,223 No: 477,461

2000 CIS Oregon Ballot Measure 5 (2000) Gun Violence Prevention Act Expands Circumstances Requiring Background Check Before Transfer Of Firearm Qualified Passed

Yes: 921,926 No: 569,996

2000 ICA Oregon Ballot Measure 99 (2000) Homecare Quality and Accountability Act of 2000 Amends Constitution: Creates Commission Ensuring Quality Home Care Services For Elderly, Disabled Qualified Passed

Yes: 911,217 No: 539,414

2000 ICA Oregon Ballot Measure 3 (2000) Oregon Property Protection Act Amends Constitution: Requires Conviction Before Forfeiture; Restricts Proceeds Usage; Requires Reporting, Penalty Qualified Passed

Yes: 952,792 No: 465,081

2000 CIS Oregon Ballot Measure 4 (2000) Oregon Health Plan Trust Fund Petition Dedicates Tobacco-Settlement Proceeds; Earnings Fund Low-Income Health Care Qualified Failed

Yes: 650,850 No: 789,543

2000 CIS Referendum Oregon Ballot Measure 90 (2000) Measure 90 Referendum on HB 3220 Authorizes Rates Giving Utilities Return On Investments In Retired Property Qualified Failed

Yes: 158,810 No: 1,208,545

2000 ICA Oregon Ballot Measure 7 (2000) Just Compensation For Regulatory "Takings" Requires Payment to Landowner if Government Regulation Reduces Property Value Qualified Passed (final votes not available)

Finding further information

The Oregon Secretary of State maintains an ongoing file of initiatives, referendum and legislatively referred current, past, and potential ballot measures.

Their search function allows you to search under the categories of active, withdrawn, qualified, citizen initiative, veto referendum, legislative referral, approved to circulate, and whether the measure's proponents have indicated to the Secretary of State that they intend to pay circulators.

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