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*[http://www.fairelections.net/ Fair Elections Oregon]
*[http://www.fairelections.net/ Fair Elections Oregon]
*[http://www.pacificgreens.org/ Pacific Green Party of Oregon]
*[http://www.pacificgreens.org/ Pacific Green Party of Oregon]<ref>[http://www.portlandbridges.com/oregon-ballot-measures/measure-47.html Oregon Ballot Measure Blogs]</ref>
<ref>[http://www.portlandbridges.com/oregon-ballot-measures/measure-47.html Oregon Ballot Measure Blogs]</ref>
No spending/donations were reported on behalf of Ballot Measure 47.

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Oregon Ballot Measure 47 was on the November 7, 2006 ballot in Oregon as an initiated state statute, where it was approved.

Measure 47 places strict caps on how much individuals can spend on candidates ($500 for statewide office, $100 for other public offices) and bans contributions from corporations and unions entirely.[1] Measure 47 went hand-in-hand with 2006's Measure 46 that sought to amend the free speech areas of the Oregon Constitution that allow unlimited contributions from any individual or organization.

Election results

Measures 47
Approveda Yes 694,918 53.04%

Ballot title

Revises Campaign Finance Laws: Limits Or Prohibits Contributions And Expenditures; Adds Disclosure, New Reporting Requirements.[2]


Official proponents

The official proponents of Ballot Measure 47 were:

  • Francis G. Nelson
  • Peter Buckley
  • Bryn Hazell


Supporters included:


No spending/donations were reported on behalf of Ballot Measure 47.



Opponents included:


$1,540,180 was donated to the campaign in favor of a "no" vote on Ballot Measure 47 through nine different campaign committees.

Donors of $50,000 and over were:

Donor Amount
Oregon City Federation of Teachers $360,000
Oregon School Employees Association $275,840
SEIU Local 503 $100,167
Northwest Grocery Association $80,000
Winthrop McCormack $75,000
Our Oregon $50,116
Oregon Restaurant Association $50,000

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