Oregon Public Employees Pay Part of Pension, Measure 8 (1994)

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Oregon Ballot Measure 8 apppeared on the November 1994 general election ballot in Oregon. It passed (with a very small margin of victory), but was later invalidated by a 4-3 vote of the Oregon Supreme Court. Bill Sizemore was its chief petitioner. Measure 8 was the first of many initiatives to be sponsored in Oregon by Sizemore.

The measure's goals was to eliminate the eight percent guaranteed rate of return on money in the PERS (Public Employee Retirement System) fund.

Text of initiative

The text of the initiative was, "Amends Oregon Constitution. State government, some local governments now pay full cost of employee pensions. Law now permits pension increase from unused sick leave. Measure requires employees to pay six percent of salary toward pension. Bars government on, after January 1, 1995, from contracting to relieve employees of contribution duty or to increase salary, benefits as offset. Bars government contracts to guarantee interest rate on public pension funds. Prohibits raising pension benefits from unused sick leave for employees retiring on, after January 1, 1995."

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