Oregon Respect the Law Act (2008)

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The Respect the Law Act or Initiative 112 was an initiated statutory ballot measure in Oregon that did not make the November 4, 2008 ballot. It would have more strictly reinforced immigration laws. The three components of the initiative consisted of:[1]

  • Required proof of citizenship or legal status in order to qualify for an Oregon Driver license.
  • Election officials would have required satisfactory evidence of U.S. citizenship from any applicant who was registering to vote for the first time in Oregon.
  • No statute, regulation or order would have prohibited any law enforcement agency from cooperating with federal immigration authorities.


The Oregon Supreme Court approved the ballot title and 83,000 valid signatures needed to be collected in support of the measure by July of 2008. The measure did not make the ballot.[2]


The sponsor of the initiative was Oregonians For Immigration Reform, which is a non profit organization whose members believe that immigration laws and practices must be reformed.

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