Oregon Senate Bill 998 (2010)

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Oregon Senate Bill 998 (2010)
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Legislature:Oregon State Legislature
Text:As Enrolled
Sponsor(s):Senate Interim Committee on
Finance and Revenue
Legislative History
Introduced:February 1, 2010
State house:February 25, 2010
Vote (lower house):Y36, N23, EX1
State senate:February 25, 2010
Vote (upper house):Y18, N10, EX2
Governor:Ted Kulongoski
Signed:February 25, 2010
Legal Environment
State law:Laws governing the initiative
process in Oregon
Oregon Senate Bill 998 is a 2010 Oregon law, containing a package of election and campaign finance provisions. Under the law, registration to obtain signatures for recall or referendum is valid until the signature have been filed for verification. The law also permits all long term absent electors to vote by fax. The law alters the requirements to discontinue a statement of organization. In addition, the act mandates that the Secretary of State create and distribute guidelines for setting the boundaries of precincts and electoral districts. Also, the law clarifies that public employees, without violating restrictions on employee political activity during work time, may explain the vote of a lawmaker on acts referred to the people, an act for which prospective referendum petition has been filed, or a constitutional amendment.

The raises the fundraising threshold for certain campaign finance compliance measures. It also broadens the prohibition against paying fines for the misuse of contributions with contributed funds. In addition, the law exempts some information on contributors to the Oregon Political Party Fund from certain disclosure requirements.

The law also selected a ballot title for and arguments in favor of House Joint Resolution 101. The act gave ballot titles to House Joint Resolution 48 and Senate Joint Resolution 41.[1][2]

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