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{{2014 state executive election}}
{{2014 state executive election}}
[[Category:State executive official elections, 2014]]
[[Category:State executive official elections, 2014]]
[[Category:2014 elections]]
[[Category:2014 elections]]
[[Category:Gubernatorial elections, 2014]]
[[Category:Gubernatorial elections, 2014]]
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[[Category:Oregon elections, 2014]]

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Oregon Gubernatorial Election

Primary Date:
May 20, 2014

General Election Date:
November 4, 2014

November 4 Election Winner:
John Kitzhaber Democratic Party
Incumbent prior to election:
John Kitzhaber Democratic Party
John Kitzhaber.jpg

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Oregon State Senate
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State executive offices in Oregon
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The Oregon gubernatorial election will take place on November 4, 2014. Incumbent John Kitzhaber (D) is eligible for re-election. The winner of the election will serve a 4-year term in office.

Oregon is one of 12 states to use a strictly closed primary process, in which the selection of a party's candidates in an election is limited to registered party members.[1][2][3]

Office Incumbent Assumed Office Incumbent running? General Election Candidates 2015 Winner Partisan Switch?
Governor John Kitzhaber
John Kitzhaber 2013.jpg
2011 Yes[4] Democratic Party John Kitzhaber
Republican Party Dennis Richardson
Libertarian Party Paul Grad
Constitution Party Aaron Auer
Green Party Jason Levin
Independent Chris Henry
Democratic Party John Kitzhaber No
Commissioner of Labor and Industries Brad Avakian
Brad Avakian.jpg
2008 Yes[5] Independent Brad Avakian Independent Brad Avakian No


Note: The following list of candidates is not official and will continue to be updated until the 2014 candidate filing deadline. Candidates will be added as we come across them prior to the deadline. If you see a name of a candidate who is missing, please email us and we will add that name. As the election draws closer, more information will be added to this page.

General election

Democratic Party John Kitzhaber - Incumbent Green check mark transparent.png
Republican Party Dennis Richardson - State Representative[6]
Libertarian Party Paul Grad
Constitution Party Aaron Auer - Pastor[7]
Green Party Jason Levin
Independent Progressive Party candidate Chris Henry

Lost in the primary

Democratic Party Ifeanyichukwu Diru[8]
Republican Party Gordon Challstrom - Businessman[9]
Republican Party Tim Carr - Former businessman[10]
Republican Party Bruce Cuff[11]
Republican Party Darren Karr[11]
Republican Party Mae Rafferty[11]


Republican Party Allen Alley - Businessman, 2010 gubernatorial candidate[12][8]
Republican Party Jon Justesen - Rancher and businessman[13][11]
Republican Party Bruce Hanna - State Representative[14][11]

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