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Oregonians in Action, or OIA, is an association of property owners in Oregon. Founded in 1989, OIA focuses on protecting property rights. The organization has been very active in Oregon ballot measure campaigns since 2000, when it actively supported Oregon Measure 7.

Measure 7 required the government to reimburse property owners whose property value is negatively impacted by land use regulation.

In 2004, Oregonians in Action was a primary supporter of the successful Measure 37 and in 2006, was again successful in passing Measure 39.

In 2007, Oregonians in Action has been a significant opponent of Measure 49, which seeks to retract a number of Measure 37's provisions.

OIA also supported the successful Measure 39 in 2006, which restricted the government's power of eminent domain.

David Hunnicutt, president of OIA, was chief petitioner for Oregon Measure 2 in 2000.[1]

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