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Pacific Grove City Initiative To Void Ordinance 02-18 Pension Increase (November 2014)

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A Pacific Beach City Initiative To Void Ordinance 02-18 ballot question was going to be on the November 5, 2013 ballot for voters in Pacific Beach in Monterey County. But when the valid initiative petition was presented to the City council for adoption or referral to the voters, the council voted 6-0, with one absentee, to seek judicial relief for investigation into the legality of the initiative, thus preventing the initiative from immediately going to the ballot.[1]

This initiative proposes that a pension increase to reverse an allegedly illegally enacted 3% at 50 pension benefit increase to public safety employees of Pacific Beach. Proponents of this measure say that the increase was approved based on false information and understated fiscal impact.[2] The initiative petition was first presented to the City Council on May 1st with 1,195 valid signatures, requiring the council to either enact the ordinance into law, present it to the public for voters to decide at the ballot or call for a report on the effects of the initiative. The council members voted 7-0 to commission a report on the initiative.[3]

After the results of the report were presented to the Pacific Grove council members in the May 15th meeting, there was a 5-0 vote to seek judicial relief postponing any decision on the adoption of this initiated ordinance until the courts have investigated its legality.[4]

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