Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District, California

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Taxes Y
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Budget P
Meetings Y
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Elected Officials P
Administrative Officials N
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Contracts N
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Audits N
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Public Records N
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Academics Y
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Background Checks N
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The Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District is located in California.

Website evaluation

The Palos Verdes Peninsula school district website contains links to the Board of Education members[1] and their meeting agendas and minutes[2]. The school accountability report cards are posted[3]. Information on the parcel tax is provided[4]. Detailed information on the current budget is posted,[5] but no previous budget information is available.


Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District published its annual budget on the California Ed Data website.[6]

Expenditures by Category
School Year Staff Expenses Student Services Operational Expenses Debt Service Other Budget Total
Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget
2010-2011 $76,440,921 69.7% $2,986,213 2.7% $12,922,199 11.8% $3,984,376 3.6% $13,314,639 12.1% $109,648,348
2011-2012 $77,259,886 71.3% $3,209,512 3% $12,830,939 11.8% $4,001,201 3.7% $11,095,828 10.2% $108,397,366
Averages: $76,850,403.5 70% $3,097,862.5 3% $12,876,569 12% $3,992,788.5 4% $12,205,233.5 11% $109,022,857

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