Pat Layshock recall, Newton Falls, Ohio (2010)

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Pay Layshock was recalled from his position as the mayor of Newton Falls, Ohio, in a special recall election that took place on Thursday, November 4, 2010.[1]
  • Votes to recall Layshock: 526 Approveda
  • Votes to keep Layshock: 500

Voters chose Lyle Waddell for the seat that was made vacant when Layshock was recalled.[1]

Layshock had been the mayor of Newton Falls for 14 of the previous 18 years at the time he was recalled.

The recall petition that led to the special recall election said that recall supporters believed that Layshock did not conduct city business "fairly or properly" and was not wise in his expenditures of city tax dollars.[1] Phil Beer, a recall organizer, said, "The town's been fighting for 20 years. Pat, in my opinion, is the common denominator."[2]

Path to the ballot

Recall organizer Phil Beer had to collect two sets of signatures to quality the special recall question for the ballot. The first set of signatures he submitted were circulated on an older petition form that said that election fraud is a misdemeanor. That language was about ten years old, and had been changed to saying that election fraud is a felony. Once the first set of signatures were deemed invalid, Beer, who had a copy of the names of everyone who signed, returned and collected their signatures a second time on the new, updated, petition forms.[3]

195 signatures were required to trigger the recall election.[4]

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