Paul Jacobson (Minnesota)

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Paul Jacobson
Candidate for
Minnesota Senate, District 5B

Political party Republican
Profession Supervisor/Counselor, Mesabi Academy
Paul Jacobson was the Republican candidate for District 5B of the Minnesota House of Representatives in the February 15 special election to fill the seat vacated by Anthony Sertich (D) who resigned to serve as head of the Iron Range Resource Board.[1] He was defeated in the special election. Jacobson also ran in the November 2, 2010 state legislative election.


Jacobson graduated from North Central Bible College in 1996, earning his minister's license shortly after. He went on to work in the college's security department and served as the Director of Security for several years. Jacobson returned to Hibbing in 1999, taking a job at KidsPeace Mesabi Academy, a youth correctional facility. He served as a supervisor at the academy for five years, before becoming counselor. Jacobson recently earned his MBA. He and his wife Lisa have three children.


Campaign themes


Jacobson's 2011 special election campaign site emphasized several key policy positions and campaign themes:

  • Family Issues: "Life begins at conception and from that time is endowed every right granted by the Constitution. Marriage should be recognized as a relationship between one man and one woman."
  • Second Amendment: "The Minnesota Constitution is silent on gun rights; this needs to be addressed. As your State Representative, I will support an Amendment to the Minnesota Constitution that clearly defines our right to keep and bear arms as an individual right and well as a collective right."
  • Healthcare: "The United States has the best health care in the world; however, the federal government has taken over the free market health care industry. Government takeover has already proven to increase costs for the businesses that currently provide insurance to employees and will likely result in job loss... Allowing companies to sell insurance across state lines will increase competition providing the best price and product. Frivolous lawsuits have increased the insurance costs for health care professionals, hospitals and clinics. Tort reform will decrease insurance prices and settlement costs. Savings would be passed on to those who provide and/or purchase health insurance."
  • Economy: "The business environment is not advantageous to companies looking toward Minnesota. My father owns a small business in Hibbing. He is burdened by a high level of taxation on a relatively small profit. More and more businesses are cutting employees because decreasing their expenses proved insufficient. New businesses bring a widened tax base to the government and tax relief for others. This can only happen if DFL legislative spending initiatives can be controlled."
  • State Budget: "Minnesota cannot expect to recover from this economic slump by increasing spending and borrowing more money. The people of Minnesota can budget for their own needs, spending only what they have and cutting expenses as needed...Our state must make the hard decisions by setting priorities, resizing government, combining, optimizing, and redesigning while cutting both programs and expenses.
  • Environment: "Our Minnesota state government should encourage mining operations in our district and throughout the Iron Range. The state must assist, and not hinder, these mining opportunities. The process of protecting our land should not impede the progress of creating jobs and improving our economy."



Jacobson was defeated by Carly Melin (D) in the February 15 special election.[2]


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Jacobson ran for election to the District 5B seat in 2010. He had no primary opposition. He was defeated by Anthony Sertich (DFL) in the general election on November 2, 2010.[3]

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