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Paul Niehaus
Candidate for
New York State Assembly, District 73

Political party Republican
Profession Attorney
Website Campaign site
Paul Niehaus was a Republican candidate in the September 13 special election for the New York State Assembly, District 73. The special election was called to fill the vacancy created when Jonathan Bing (D) resigned from the Assembly to become the special deputy Superintendent of the NY Liquidation Bureau.[1] Niehaus was also a candidate for District 73 in the 2010 general election.

Niehaus is an attorney in private practice, specializing in business and commercial litigation. He holds an BA from Princeton University and a JD from the University of Chicago Law School. He volunteers with the Yorkville Youth Athletic Association. He is married to his wife Kimberly. They have two children.[2]



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Niehaus was defeated by Dan Quart (D) in the September 13, 2011 special election. Niehaus ran on the Republican and Independence Party tickets.[3]


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Niehaus was uncontested in the September 14 Republican primary. Niehaus was defeated by incumbent Jonathan Bing (D) in the general election on November 2.[4]


Campaign themes

On his campaign site, Niehaus outlines his campaign themes:

  • Restore Fiscal Sanity: "I will scrutinize every expenditure. I will fight to simplify the tax code and to reduce our tax rates. And I will not bow to the special interests who have bloated our state budget beyond recognition."
  • Create a Friendlier Business Environment: "I will work to reduce the taxes paid by businesses and employees. I will work to simplify the regulations that drain the energy from our small businesses. And I will work to encourage new hiring, not with narrowly targeted one-time gimmicks, but with broad-based solutions that will promote permanent, sustainable growth."
  • Cure Albany’s Dysfunction: "Every budget item, every tax provision, every state contract contains a special favor for somebody or for some politically-connected group...As an Assemblyman, I will study every bill to ensure that it is fair to every member of our community and does not benefit the connected few at the expense of the great majority."
  • Improve Constituent Access: "I will change the way Albany does business. I will respond to the concerns of all New Yorkers, and will dedicate myself to building a state government you can trust."
  • Provide an Independent Voice for Manhattan: "As a Republican from Manhattan, I will not only offer an independent voice for the 73rd Assembly District, but will serve as the focus for one and a half million citizens who have had no alternative for almost a decade."
  • Reform the MTA: "Financial mismanagement and overtime abuse at the MTA have put reliable public transportation in grave danger... We must appoint an independent board to audit the MTA and root out these abuses, and reform the MTA to eliminate unnecessary layers of administration and encourage merit-based pay."

Debate, 2011 special election

New York television station, NY1, hosted a short debate between the District 73 special election candidates. Video of the debate can be found here.



Phone: 212-861-1308

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