Pawnee Re-12 School District recall, Grover, Colorado (2010)

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The school board of the Pawnee R-12 School District in Grover, Colorado was recalled in a special recall election held on Tuesday, December 14, 2010.[1]

The school board has 5 seats. All 5 elected school board members were subject to the recall election; however, one recall target (Steve Wolfe) resigned before the election. On December 14, the remaining four members were removed from office.[1]

The four recalled school board members were:

  • Mary Burson. Burson's term would have expired in 2013.
  • Board vice-president Wayne Shoemaker. His term would have expired in 2011.
  • Board president Donald Johnston. His term would have expired in 2011.
  • Board secretary Jake Henderson. His term would have expired in 2013.[1]

Reason for recall

The reason for recall listed on the petition was that school board members "failed to perform (their) fiduciary duty by exhibiting unprofessional behavior that is not for the greater good of the school and the community."[2]


Scott Tietmeyer, Kenneth Everitt, Charles Nussbaum, Philip McKinley and Patrick Lloyd were elected to replace the previous board.[2]

Size of district

The Pawnee R-12 school district has fewer than 100 students in grades K-12.[3] Its annual budget is $1.8 million.[4]

The school district employs about 15 teachers and serves the north Weld County communities of Grover, Hereford and Keota.[5]

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