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'''Voting and elections'''
'''Voting and elections'''
* [[Pennsylvania State Senate elections, 2010]]
* [[Pennsylvania State Senate elections, 2012]]
* [[Pennsylvania House of Representatives elections, 2010|Pennsylvania House of Representatives elections, 2010]]
* [[Pennsylvania House of Representatives elections, 2012|Pennsylvania House of Representatives elections, 2012]]
* [[List of Pennsylvania ballot measures|State ballot measures]] ([[Pennsylvania 2013 ballot measures|2013]])
* [[List of Pennsylvania ballot measures|State ballot measures]] ([[Pennsylvania 2013 ballot measures|2013]])
* [[Local ballot measures, Pennsylvania|Local ballot measures]]
* [[Local ballot measures, Pennsylvania|Local ballot measures]]

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State Legislative Tracker: Massachusetts Senate passes minimum wage increase Nov 25, 2013

Edited by Joel Williams
This week’s tracker includes a look at one state's efforts to raise its minimum wage and an update on redistricting.

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