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Justice Eakin back to rhyming ways

Pennsylvania: Almost two months after his successful retention campaign, Justice J. Michael Eakin wrote a new opinion that features his characteristic verse. The ruling was handed down by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court yesterday and reverses the conviction of man found guilty of insurance fraud.[1] Perhaps Justice Eakin's poetry can explain it better, however:

Appellant was unhappy with his meager share, we guess —

comparing the two payouts, his disbursement was much less —

so six months later, in July, Mr. Goodson would appear

at a branch of First National Bank, and there he made it clear

that he’d a check made out to him, which he innocently presented

to open a new bank account — “from State Farm,” he represented.[2]

Eakin has been both praised and criticized for his unique writing style. Regardless of the opinions of the legal community, the voters seem to approve of his eccentric ways. In November he was retained for a new ten-year term with 73.6% of the vote.[3]

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