Pennsylvania Constitution

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Pennsylvania Constitution
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The current Constitution of Pennsylvania, most recently revised in 1968, forms the law for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Although considered a new document, it is heavily based on the previous Constitution of 1874, and is often considered a revision of the earlier version.

The state constitution may only be amended after a majority vote of two consecutive sessions of the General Assembly and an affirmative vote by the electorate. Emergency amendments are permitted by a vote of two-thirds of the General Assembly and an affirmative vote by the electorate within one month.


Pennsylvania has had five constitutions during its statehood: 1776, 1790, 1838, 1874, and 1968. Prior to that, the province of Pennsylvania was governed for a century by a Frame of Government, of which there were four versions: 1682, 1683, 1696, and 1701. [1]


The Pennsylvania Constitution consists of a preamble followed by 11 articles and two schedules.

  1. Declaration of Rights
  2. The Legislature
  3. Legislation
  4. The Executive
  5. The Judiciary
  6. Public Officers
  7. Elections
  8. Taxation and Finance
  9. Local Government
  10. Private Corporations
  11. Amendments

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