Pennsylvania Legislative Reference Bureau

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The Pennsylvania Legislative Reference Bureau is a nonpartisan legislative service bureau serving the members and staff of the Pennsylvania General Assembly. The agency handles all general research and reference needs. All fiscal analysis are handled by the majority party that is in charge of the House Appropriations Committee[1].


The Pennsylvania Legislative Reference Bureau was created in 1909[2].

Mission statement

The primary purpose of the Bureau is to prepare requested legislative bills and resolutions for introduction in the General Assembly; to advise members of the Legislature and legislative committees; and, from time to time, to prepare proposed codifications of existing general statutes for adoption or rejection by the General Assembly[3].

Services offered

Bill drafting

The Pennsylvania Legislative Reference Bureau handles all bill drafting and making sure the bill is within the parameters of the Pennsylvania Constitution[4].

Law Revision

The Legislative Reference Bureau is responsible for handling all revisions to Pennsylvania Law including maintaining past session laws. The LRB maintains all laws from past legislative sessions[5].

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