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===Hypothetical match-up===
===Hypothetical match-up===
{{Hypothetical match-up poll
|Title =[http://www.quinnipiac.edu/institutes-and-centers/polling-institute/pennsylvania/release-detail?ReleaseID=1991 Quinnipiac University Poll: Pennsylvania Governor's Race]<br>December 11-16, 2013
|Inc =Tom Corbett (R)
|Response1 =Rob McCord (D)
|Response2 =Allyson Schwartz (D)
|Response3 =Tom Wolf (D)
|Response4 =John Hanger (D)
|Response5 =Katie McGinty (D)
|Response6 =Ed Pawlowski (D)
|Response7 =Jack Wagner (D)
|Response1% =42
|Response2% =45
|Response3% =44
|Response4% =37
|Response5% =44
|Response6% =41
|Response7% =48
|IncvsResponse1% =39
|IncvsResponse2% =37
|IncvsResponse3% =37
|IncvsResponse4% =42
|IncvsResponse5% =37
|IncvsResponse6% =39
|IncvsResponse7% =36
|Margin of error=3%
{{Hypothetical match-up poll
{{Hypothetical match-up poll

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Pennsylvania Gubernatorial and Lieutenant Gubernatorial Election

Primary Date:
May 20, 2014

General Election Date:
November 4, 2014

November 4 Election Winners:
Tom Wolf Democratic Party
Mike Stack Democratic Party
Incumbent prior to election:
Tom Corbett Republican Party
Jim Cawley Republican Party
Gov. Tom Corbett
Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley

Pennsylvania State Executive Elections
Top Ballot
GovernorLt. Governor

Battleground Races
Pennsylvania State Senate
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Lost trifecta for Republicans
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State executive offices in Pennsylvania
Flag of Pennsylvania.png
The Pennsylvania gubernatorial election will take place on November 4, 2014. Incumbent Tom Corbett (R) is eligible, and running, for re-election. The winner of the election will serve a 4-year term in office.

Pennsylvania is one of 12 states to use a strictly closed primary process. Voters are required to register with a political party to vote in the primary election.[1][2][3]


Note: The following list of candidates is not official and will continue to be updated until the 2014 candidate filing deadline. Candidates will be added as we come across them prior to the deadline. If you see a name of a candidate who is missing, please email us and we will add that name. As the election draws closer, more information will be added to this page.

General election

Governor candidates are listed first, followed by lieutenant governor candidates after the slash.
Republican Party Tom Corbett/Jim Cawley - Incumbents[4]
Democratic Party Tom Wolf/Mike Stack Green check mark transparent.png[5]
Independent (Write-in) Tom Lineaweaver[6][7][8]

Failed to qualify


Green Party Paul Glover - Community organizer[9][10]
Libertarian Party Ken Krawchuk - Information technology entrepreneur and 2002 Libertarian candidate for governor[11][10]

Lieutenant gubernatorial

Libertarian Party Henry Haller - businessman[12]
Green Party Wendy Lynne Lee - professor[13]

Lost in the primary


Democratic Party Allyson Schwartz - U.S. House Rep., 13th District
Democratic Party Kate McGinty - Former Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Secretary[14]
Democratic Party Rob McCord - Pennsylvania State Treasurer[15]

Lieutenant gubernatorial

Democratic Party Mark Critz - Former U.S. Rep[16]
Democratic Party Brad Koplinski - Harrisburg city councilman[17]
Democratic Party Mark Smith - Bradford County Commissioner[18]
Democratic Party Brandon Neuman - State Representative[19][20]

Removed from ballot

Republican Party Bob Guzzardi - Conservative activist[21][22]



Democratic Party Ed Pawlowski - Mayor of Allentown, Pennsylvania[23][24][25]
Democratic Party H. Scott Conklin - State House rep.[26][27]
Democratic Party Jo Ellen Litz - Lebanon County Commissioner[28][29]
Democratic Party Josh Shapiro - Chairman, Montgomery County Board of Commissioners[14][7]
Democratic Party Max Myers - Cumberland County minister[30][7]
Democratic Party Jack Wagner - former Pennsylvania Auditor General and a former member of the Pennsylvania State Senate[31][32]
Democratic Party John Hanger - Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Secretary[30][33]

Lieutenant gubernatorial

Democratic Party Mike Crossey - President of the Pennsylvania State Education Association[34][35]
Democratic Party Brenda Alton - Harrisburg's Parks and Recreation director[36]
Democratic Party John Wozniak - State Senator[37]
Democratic Party Larry Farnese - State Senator[38]
Democratic Party John Galloway - State representative[39]
Democratic Party John Morganelli - Northampton County District Attorney[40]
Democratic Party Jay Paterno - nonprofit executive and son of famous football coach Joe Paterno[41][42]



Republican Party Bruce Castor - Montgomery County Commissioner[43]
Democratic Party Mike Stack - State Senator[14][44]
Democratic Party Bob Casey, Jr. - U.S. Senator[45]
Democratic Party Joe Sestak - Former U.S. Rep, 7th District (2007-2011)[23]

Lieutenant gubernatorial

Democratic Party Margo Davidson - state representative[46]

Race background

There were 36 states holding regularly scheduled gubernatorial elections in 2014, with up to 10 seats considered most likely to face partisan switch including Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett. He was moved into to the top slot on the Washington Post's "endangered" list in March 2013, after having been in third place during the prior rating cycle.[47][48][49] Corbett's upgraded vulnerability status followed his failure to enact any of his three tent-pole policy initiatives during the recently concluded spring legislative session. The timing also corresponded to a further swell of Democratic candidates entering the 2014 governor's race.

By the summer of 2013, The New York Times, The Washington Post and Governing all rated Republican incumbent Tom Corbett as one of the most vulnerable governors facing re-election in 2014.[50] Their reports reflected the Republican governor's increasingly weak position heading into the 2014 election season, when his abysmal job approval ratings were put to the test by state Democrats, fired-up for an ousting after years under a Republican trifecta.[51]

Early polling and candidates

A July 2013 survey taken by Harper Polling showed that just under a quarter of state residents thought Corbett deserved to be elected again in 2014.[52] Those results backed up earlier polling figures released by Quinnipiac University, which had him at 38 percent job approval and substantially behind Democratic gubernatorial candidate U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz in a hypothetical general election match-up.[53] The Quinnipiac poll showed Schwartz beating Corbett by a whopping 10 points. These were even better numbers than had been revealed in a similar survey conducted previously by Public Opinion Strategies, a Republican-aligned firm.[54]

Back in April 2013, Schwartz was already looking especially threatening due to Corbett's dismal popularity among female respondents, 54 percent of whom expressed opposition to Corbett’s re-election compared to 27 percent who supported another term for the governor.[55]

Several Democratic hopefuls - Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Secretary John Hanger, Hanger's predecessor Kate McGinty, Cumberland County minister Max Myers, Lebanon County Commissioner Jo Ellen Litz, York businessman Tom Wolf and State Treasurer Rob McCord - formally launched 2014 campaigns for governor. Three other potential Democratic candidates were mentioned in connection with the race: State rep. H. Scott Conklin, former state auditor and state senator Jack Wagner and county commission chairman Josh Shapiro.[56][30]Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag

Republican primary

Two Republicans were also mentioned as potential primary opponents for Governor Corbett: former radio announcer Tom Lineaweaver and conservative activist Bob Guzzardi.[57][58] Guzzardi filed for the Republican primary and initially survived a challenge to his campaign's signatures after the Republican Party of Pennsylvania tried to get him disqualified.[59] However, on appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Guzzardi was ordered stricken from the ballot on a technicality. The majority on the court found that Guzzardi had failed to "meet a deadline for filing a statement of financial interests" with the State Ethics Commission and his campaign filing therefore "possessed a 'fatal defect.'"[60] Two justices dissented, citing the lower court's finding that Guzzardi had filed the proper forms with the Pennsylvania Department of State and had been told by an employee there that he did not need to also file with the State Ethics Board.[60][61]

I agree with the Commonwealth Court that what occurred here was a breakdown in the administrative process. To strike this candidate's name from the ballot is akin to denying candidates their right to appear on the ballot under circumstances where there was some accident or natural disaster preventing candidates from entering the filing office.[62]

—Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Max Baer, In Re: Nom. Pet. of Robert Guzzardi Dissenting Statement

Democratic primary
See also: Primary election results

Businessman Tom Wolf took the Democratic primary by storm, spending on early campaign ads and taking an early lead that proved unsurpassed by the other candidates. This was an upset for early favorite Allyson Schwartz, who finished a distant second.

Third-party candidates

Green Party candidate Paul Glover and Libertarian Party candidate Ken Krawchuk failed to get on to the November general election ballot after failing to collect the 17,000 required signatures.[63] Referencing the perceived lack of options on the ballot following the qualifying period, Republican-turned-Independent Tom Lineaweaver declared a write-in campaign.[64] Lineaweaver had previously been considered a possible Republican primary challenger to Corbett.


Hypothetical match-up

Quinnipiac University Poll: Pennsylvania Governor's Race
December 11-16, 2013
ResponseRob McCord (D)Allyson Schwartz (D)Tom Wolf (D)
Percent of the vote424544
Tom Corbett (R) percent of the vote393737
Number polled 1,061
Margin of error +/-3%

Quinnipiac University Poll: Pennsylvania Governor's Race
April 19-24, 2013
ResponseRob McCord (D)Allyson Schwartz (D)Joe Sestak (D)
Percent of the vote444748
Tom Corbett (R) percent of the vote353434
Number polled 1,235
Margin of error +/-2.8%


Governor of Pennsylvania - Democratic Primary
Poll Allyson Schwartz Kate McGintyRob McCordJohn HangerEd PawlowskiTom WolfNot sureMargin of ErrorSample Size
Harper Polling
November 9-10, 2013
Note: The polls above may not reflect all polls that have been conducted in this race. Those displayed are a random sampling chosen by Ballotpedia staff. If you would like to nominate another poll for inclusion in the table, send an email to editor@ballotpedia.org.

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