Pete DeJarnatt and Sue Digre recall, Pacifica, California (2012)

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An effort to recall Pete DeJarnatt and Sue Digre from their elected positions on the city council of Pacifica, California, in San Mateo County was launched in March 2012.[1] The recall effort was later abandoned. DeJarnatt serves as mayor of Pacifica, while Digre is a city council member. DeJarnatt did not run for re-election in the November 2012 election.[2]

Reasons for recall

Therese Dyer initiated the recall effort. Recall supporters alleged ineffective leadership on the part of DeJarnatt and Digre. The recall targets were accused of a lack of decision making leading to the mismanagement of city resources, violations of city codes which forced a whistle-blower to resign, a violation of state law regarding a biodiesel project that failed, rejected business developments, a lack of action regarding city properties, a lack of disciplinary action against employees whose neglect allegedly cost the city millions of dollars, and a waste of taxpayer funds.[1]

Path to the ballot

To get the recall question on the November ballot, recall supporters would have needed to collect signatures from 20% of the voters who voted in the last city council election.[3]

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