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Voter signing a petition
A petition circulator, also called a "circulator", "signature gatherer", or "signature collector", is a campaign worker who asks voters to sign a petition to place a ballot initiative, referendum, recall, or candidate on the ballot. Such workers may be volunteers, amateurs or experienced professionals.

Most campaigns require the use of paid petition circulators: usually independent contractors who are paid by the signature.

Restrictions on petition circulators

Many states place restrictions on petition circulation. These restrictions include requiring workers to be residents of the state they are working in, prohibiting workers from being paid by the signature, requiring workers to register with the state and pay fees, and requiring workers to identify if they are paid or volunteer. These restrictions often violate the free speech rights of petition sponsors and voters, and instances of all of the above have been struck down by federal courts.[1]

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  1. Citizens in Charge Foundation, Threats and Restrictions.

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