Political Subdivisions Committee, North Dakota State Senate

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North Dakota State Senate
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The Political Subdivisions Committee is a standing committee of the North Dakota State Senate.

Per Section 501 of the Senate Rules, committees of the North Dakota Senate are assigned by the Committee on Committees. Committees are assigned at the start of an organizational session after every election. The Majority Leader shall serve as the chair of the Committee on Committees and shall appoint four members from the majority party and three members from the minority party to the committee.[1] The Senate has one five-day standing committee, the Appropriations Committee, five three-day standing committees and five two-day standing committees. Members can only serve on two standing committees; no more than one three-day and one two-day standing committee. Members of the Appropriations Committee may not serve on any other standing committee.[2] The Majority Leader shall appoint the chair and vice-chair of each standing committee.[3]

DocumentIcon.jpg See rules: Senate and House Legislative Manual 2013-2014


The Political Subdivisions Committee may consider bills and resolutions in the following areas: Cities; Counties; Townships; Park Districts; Apportionment.[4][5]



Political Subdivisions Committee Members, 2013
Democratic members (2)Republican members (4)
Jim DotzenrodJohn Andrist, Chairman
John GrabingerRonald Sorvaag, Vice Chairman
Howard C. Anderson, Jr.
Judy Lee


2009-2010 Members

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