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Ballot Law Update: 2012 Year in Review

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By Eric Veram

In 2012, 68 laws were proposed in 21 states affecting the initiative and referendum process, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. For comparison, a total of 254 law were proposed in 41 states during 2011.[1]

Due to the fact that most state legislative sessions end in early 2012, there is not nearly as much time for significant legislative events to take place as there is earlier in the election cycle. This explains why only about one-fourth of the number of I & R related legislation observed in 2011 was proposed in 2012. Of the 68 bills proposed only 10 were approved, with most of the rest either being defeated or dying in committee as sessions ended. Notably, however, 8 bills before the New Jersey legislature are being carried over to 2013.

The Ballot Law Update is released on the last Wednesday of each month. The first update for 2013 will be released on January 30, 2013. Stay tuned to the Tuesday Count for weekly ballot law news.


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