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|style="color:#000;"| [[State political news|...more news headlines]]
|style="color:#000;"| [[State political news|...more news headlines]]
<h2 style="margin:0; background:#00008B; font-size:120%; font-weight:bold; border:1px solid #a3b0bf; text-align:left; color: white; padding:0.2em 0.4em;">Recent confirmation votes</h2><br>
category              = July 2013 confirmations | August 2013 confirmations | September 2013 confirmations | October 2013 confirmations | November 2013 confirmations | December 2013 confirmations|
count                  = 2
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order                  = descending
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2014 Congress Elections
2013-2014 Special Elections

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Federal news

Congressional news headlines:

Federal Affairs news headlines:

...more news headlines

Current Congressional leadership


Senate Partisan Balance

Party As of April 2015
     Democratic Party 53
     Republican Party 45
     Independent 2
Total 100

House Partisan Balance

Party As of April 2015
     Democratic Party 200
     Republican Party 232
     Vacancy 3
Total 435

About the U.S. Congress

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