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    Personal Gain Index

    Changes in Net Worth of U.S. Senators and Representatives

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    2016 Congressional elections

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    114th Congress special elections

    New York's 11th District will hold a special election

News headlines

Issues in the 113th Congress

Congressional Approval Rating
Poll Total Approve Total Disapprove Margin of Error Sample Size
The Economist/YouGov (December 13-15, 2014) 11 72 +/-4.5 1000
The Economist/YouGov Poll (August 16-18, 2014) 11 71 +/-4.6 1000
Gallup (June 5-8, 2014) 16 81 +/-4 1027
The Economist/YouGov (March 29-31, 2014) 8 76 +/-4.5 1000
The Economist/YouGov (February 22-24, 2014) 10 74 +/-4.5 710
The Economist/YouGov (January 11-13, 2014) 8 77 +/-4.3 696
Note: The polls above may not reflect all polls that have been conducted in this race. Those displayed are a random sampling chosen by Ballotpedia staff. If you would like to nominate another poll for inclusion in the table, send an email to

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Congressional delegations by state

Current congressional leadership

Partisan balance

Senate Partisan Balance
Party 114th Congress
Democratic 44
Republican 54
Independent 2
Total 100
House Partisan Balance
Party 114th Congress
Democratic 188
Republican 244
Vacancies 3
Total 435