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New York-New Jersey Port Authority gets a fresh face Dec 15, 2011

New York

Paula Dow, the current Attorney General of New Jersey, is taking a temporary regulatory role at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The authority is governed by a board of twelve commissioners - 6 each appointed by the governors of New Jersey and New York - and a professional staff. Dow will work to investigate recent claims that authority executives have collected more than $2 million in extra compensation.[1]

Dow will serve as the first deputy general counsel for the authority, after which point she will serve on the Superior Court in Essex County.[2]

Cuomo appoints executive director of Port Authority Oct 31, 2011

New York

ALBANY, NY: Earlier this month, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Patrick Foye as the next executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Foye had served as Cuomo's deputy secretary for economic development and, pending approval from the rest of the board, will succeed Chris Ward on the authority. Cuomo has tapped Leecia R. Eve, a former aide to Senator Hillary Clinton and former lieutenant gubernatorial hopeful under Eliot Spitzer, to replace Foye.[3]

The port authority was created in 1921 by an interstate compact between the two states: the New York-New Jersey Port Authority Compact of 1921. Each governor appoints six members to the board that oversees the bi-state's transportation system.

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An interstate compact is a contractual arrangement made between two or more states in which the assigned parties agree on a specific policy issue and either adopt a set of standards or cooperate with one another on a particular regional or national matter.

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