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<twitterwidget>ballotpedia | state-legislative-leaders | 400</twitterwidget></td></tr>

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Legislative chambers by state

Nevada State LegislatureAlaska State LegislatureHawaii State LegislatureArizona State LegislatureUtah State LegislatureNew Mexico State LegislatureColorado General AssemblyWyoming LegislatureCalifornia State LegislatureOregon Legislative AssemblyWashington State LegislatureIdaho State LegislatureMontana State LegislatureNorth Dakota Legislative AssemblySouth Dakota State LegislatureNebraska State LegislatureKansas State LegislatureOklahoma State LegislatureTexas LegislatureMinnesota State LegislatureIowa General AssemblyMissouri General AssemblyArkansas General AssemblyLouisiana State LegislatureMississippi State LegislatureAlabama State LegislatureWisconsin LegislatureIllinois General AssemblyTennessee General AssemblyKentucky General AssemblyIndiana General AssemblyMichigan State LegislatureOhio General AssemblyGeorgia General AssemblyFlorida State LegislatureSouth Carolina General AssemblyGeneral Assembly of North CarolinaVirginia General AssemblyWest Virginia LegislaturePennsylvania General AssemblyNew York State LegislatureVermont General AssemblyNew Hampshire General CourtMassachusetts General CourtRhode Island General AssemblyConnecticut State LegislatureNew Jersey State LegislatureDelaware General AssemblyMaryland General AssemblyDistrict of ColumbiaMaine State LegislatureUS map.png

Special elections

Across the nation, special elections are frequently conducted to fill vacancies in state legislatures. 27 states use special elections to fill legislative vacancies. In two states, Illinois and Indiana, special elections are used in limited circumstances. As of December 2014, 39 special elections have been held and another one (not including runoffs) has been scheduled in 16 states. Since these elections are intended to fill unexpected vacancies, more will be scheduled as new vacancies arise.