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:: ''[[Michigan 2010 ballot measures]]''
The petition drive deadline has passed - July 5. No initiatives filed signatures. Below are pending legislatively-referred measures. Michigan's legislature convened January 13 and meets throughout the year.
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| {{lrca}} || [[Michigan Budget Approval Deadline Amendment (2010)|Budget Approval Deadline Amendment]] || [[:category:Administration of government, Michigan|Admin of gov't]] || Would dock the pay of each lawmaker for every day beyond the deadline that the budget is not passed
|{{lrca}} || [[Michigan Term Limits Amendment (2010)|Term Limits Amendment]] || [[:Category:Term limits, Michigan|Term limits]] || Expands the number of years lawmakers can serve
| {{lrca}} || [[Michigan Sales Tax Amendment (2010)|Sales Tax Amendment]] || [[:Category:Taxes, Michigan|Taxes]] || Decrease sales tax and extend tax to other services
| {{lrca}} || [[Michigan Drilling Ban Amendment (2010)|Drilling Ban Amendment]] || [[:Category:Natural resources, Michigan|Natural resources]] || A constitutional ban on drilling in the Great Lakes
==North Dakota==
==North Dakota==
:: ''[[North Dakota 2010 ballot measures]]''
:: ''[[North Dakota 2010 ballot measures]]''

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This page contains potential statewide ballot meausures that have been filed, are being reviewed or have begun circulation to obtain signatures for it to be placed on a 2010 primary or general election ballot. A list of measures that did not qualify for the 2010 ballot can be found here.
See also 2010 ballot measures for ballot measures that are already confirmed for a 2010 ballot, and filed initiatives


California 2010 ballot propositions

The deadline for ballot initiatives for the California 2010 ballot has passed. However, the state legislature still may refer propositions to the November 2, 2010 ballot.

Dozens of initiatives whose sponsors filed their measures with election officials in early 2010 did not qualify for the November 2, 2010 ballot but might still qualify for a statewide election in 2012.

This is because when a proposed initiative is given its official ballot title and summary, it is also given a 150-day window for collection of signatures. If initiative sponsors collect sufficient signatures within their 150-day window and turn them in too late to qualify for the November 2010 bllot, their initiative will go on the ballot in a future year.

North Dakota

North Dakota 2010 ballot measures

The following initiatives are pending signature verification by the secretary of state.

Type Title Subject Description
CISS Fenced Hunting Ban Initiative Hunting Bans fenced hunting such as game preserves where people pay to shoot big-game animals


Pennsylvania 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Status
LRCA Constitutional Convention Admin. of gov't Calling for Constitutional Convention Proposed