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:: ''See also: [[Washington 2014 ballot measures]]''
:: ''See also: [[Washington 2014 ballot measures]]''
:: ''See also: [[Wisconsin 2014 ballot measures]]''

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2015 potentials
2013 potentials
This page contains potential statewide ballot measures that have been filed, are being reviewed or have begun circulation to obtain signatures to be placed on a 2014 primary or general election ballot. A list of measures that did not qualify for the 2014 ballot can be found here.
See also 2014 ballot measures for ballot measures that are already confirmed for a 2014 ballot and filed initiatives


See also: Alabama 2014 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Homestead Exemptions Amendment Constitutional language Amends the language of Article X of the state constitution


See also: Alaska 2014 ballot measures


See also: Arizona 2014 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description


See also: Arkansas 2014 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
CISS Minimum Wage Initiative Min Wage Increases the state’s minimum wage from $6.25 to $8.50 per hour by 2017
CICA Alcoholic Beverage Amendment Alcohol Legalizes manufacture, transportation and sale of alcohol statewide


See also: California 2014 ballot propositions

Cleared for circulation

As of June 25, 2014, these measures have been approved for circulation.

Type Title Description Signature deadline
CISS #13-0049 Split Electoral College Vote Distribution June 20, 2014
CISS #13-0056 "Stop Corporate Exploitation of Charter Schools" July 7, 2014
CISS #13-0057 "Stop Corporate Exploitation of Charter Schools" July 7, 2014
CISS #13-0054 Non-Profit Donor Disclosure July 10, 2014
CISS #13-0059 Regulation of Charter Schools July 14, 2014
CISS #13-0064 "Seniors Home Cost Accountability" July 21, 2014
CISS #13-0065 "Jobs and Development" July 21, 2014
CISS #14-0001 "Transportation Innovation" July 24, 2014
CISS #14-0004 “Stop High Speed Rail Investment and Reinvest in Education” July 31, 2014
CICA #14-0003 Tobacco Tax for Brain Research August 4, 2014
CICA #14-0005 Tobacco Tax for Brain Research August 7, 2014
CISS #14-0006 "Online Privacy" August 8, 2014
CISS #14-0007 "Online Privacy" August 8, 2014
CISS #14-0008 Cannabis Hemp August 18, 2014


See also: Colorado 2014 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
CICA Environmental Rights Amendment Civil Rights Declares citizens have a right to clean air, pure water and natural and scenic values
CICA Local Regulation of Gas and Oil Amendment Business Increases local government authority to prohibit or limit oil and gas development
CICA Mandatory Setback of Wells Amendment Business Sets mandatory distance from occupied structures for new oil and gas wells
CICA Public Trust Resources Amendment Environment Creates a public trust for the natural and environmental resources under public ownership
CICA Workers' Compensation Public Defender Amendment Labor Creates workers’ compensation public defenders for representation for people with mental disabilities
CICA Duties of the Independent Ethics Commission Amendment Admin of Gov't Transfers jurisdiction over judicial discipline and disability to the independent ethics commission
CICA Appointment of Secretary of State Amendment State Exec Makes secretary of state and appointed, nonpartisan office
CICA Provisions for Redistricting Amendment Redistricting Requires districts to include a ratio of voters based on political party similar to the overall state ratio
CICA Marijuana Revenue for Housing for Disabled Amendment Housing Uses $10 million in marijuana tax revenues to fund housing for disabled citizens
CICA Retention Elections of Justices and Judges Amendment Elections Requires two-thirds majority vote to retain judges and justices
CICA Prohibit Cannabis Possession Penalties Amendment Marijuana Prohibits courts from imposing any fine or sentence for the possession of cannabis
CICA 2013 Gun Legislation Repeal Firearms Repeals all gun laws passed by the state legislature in 2013
CICA Required Distances from Schools for Casinos Amendment Gambling Prohibits casino-style gambling within a specified distance of an elementary, middle or high school
CICA Prohibition on Gambling Monopolies Amendment Business Prohibits monopoly on one or more types of gambling within any county
CICA Local Voter Approval for Gambling Amendment Gambling Requires an additional local vote to make statewide elections legalizing gambling take effect
CICA Horse Racetrack Gaming for K-12 Education Amendment Gambling Establishes a K-12 education fund to be funded by expanded limited gaming at horse racetracks
CICA Right to Bear Arms Amendment Firearms Prohibits the confiscation of arms without due process of law
CICA Foreclosure Due Process Amendment Property Prohibits foreclosures unless the person has previously recorded written evidence of a security interest
CISS Distribution of Oil and Gas Revenue Initiative Local Gov't Prevents local governments from receiving oil/gas revenues if they prohibit oil/gas production
CISS Two-Stage Election System Initiative Elections Creates a two-stage elections system replacing partisan primary elections
CISS Yes or No Elections Initiative Elections Institutes yes-no voting for candidates; calculates "net vote count"
CISS Mandatory Labeling of GMOs Initiative Business Mandates labeling of certain foodstuffs that contain genetically modified organisms
CISS Marriage Education Act Marriage Mandates pre-wedding classes for couples wishing to get married
CISS Animal Euthanasia Initiative Animals Enacts stricter laws regarding when shelter animals can be euthanized
CISS Fiscal Impact of Ballot Measures Initiative Direct Democracy Requires initiative proponents to submit a fiscal impact estimate
CISS Probate Ward Bill of Rights Initiative Civil Rights Creates a process by which people could be declared incompetent to handle their financial affairs
CISS School Board Open Meetings Initiative Gov't Acc Requires open school board meetings for collective bargaining negotiations
CI Definition of a Fee Initiative Gov't Finances Defines a fee as as a voluntarily incurred governmental charge in exchange for a specific benefit
CI Tax on Nongovernmental Tolls Initiative Taxes Creates a $10 tax on each toll collected by non-state toll roads
CI Official State Logo Initiative Motto & Symbols Requires a scaled version of the state flag be used as the official Colorado logo for all purposes
CI Prohibition on Fluoride in Public Water System Initiative Water Prohibits the artificial introduction of fluoride or fluoride byproducts into any Colorado water system


See also: Georgia 2014 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description


See also: Idaho 2014 ballot measures

Citizen initiatives

Type Title Subject Description


See also: Illinois 2014 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
AQ Millionaire Tax Increase for Education Question Taxes Increases the tax on income greater than one million dollars to provide additional revenue to schools
CICA Term Limits for Legislators Amendment Term limits Establishes eight-year term limits for legislators, adjusts size of Senate & House, requires two-thirds majority vote for legislature to override governor’s veto


See also: Iowa 2014 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Judicial Nominating Process Amendment Judicial reform Would revise the judicial nominating process
LRCA "Right to Bear Arms" Amendment Firearms Would provide the "right to bear arms" in the state constitution
LRCA Same-Sex Marriage Ban Amendment Marriage Would ban same-sex marriage in the state


See also: Kansas 2014 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Term Limits Amendment Term limits Addresses term limits of state legislators


Kentucky 2014 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description


See also: Maine 2014 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description


See also: Massachusetts 2014 ballot measures


See also: Michigan 2014 ballot measures

Citizen initiatives

Type Title Subject Description
IndISS Minimum Wage Initiative Minimum wage Increases the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour over three years
IndISS Natural Resource Commission Initiative Hunting Empowers Natural Resources Commission to be sole designator of games species

Legislative referrals

Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Gender Neutral Constitutional Language Amendment Constitutional Language Alters the state constitution’s language to be gender neutral
LRCA Same-Sex Marriage Amendment Marriage Defines marriage as between two people, thus legalizing same-sex marriages
LRCA Right to Hunt and Fish Amendment Hunt & Fish Provides for a constitutional right to hunt, trap, fish and harvest game species
LRCA For-Profit Public Schools Ban Amendment Education Prohibits public schools from being operated on a for-profit basis or by a for-profit entity
LRCA Right to Collective Bargaining Amendment Labor Provides for a constitutional right to unionize and collectively bargain
LRCA Part-Time Legislature Amendment Legislature Designates the state legislature as part-time
LRCA Transportation Funding Amendment Taxes Raises sales tax and eliminates state fuel taxes
LRCA Per Pupil Funding for Schools Amendment Education Requires that all school districts receive the same amount of state and local per pupil revenue for operating purposes
LRCA School Aid Fund for Special Education and Kindergarten Amendment Education Allocates the state school aid fund for general and special education and prekindergarten in lieu of higher education and employee retirement systems
LRCA School Aid Fund for School Districts Amendment Education Allocates the state school aid fund to school districts in lieu of higher education and employee retirement systems
LRCA Tax Revenue Cut Sunset Provision Amendment Taxes Requires a four-year sunset provision for all new tax exemptions and credits that reduce tax revenue
LRCA Natural Resources Trust Fund Allocation Amendment Gov't Finance Modifies the allowable expenditure amount from the state's natural resources trust fund
LRCA Independent Redistricting Commission Amendment Redistricting Creates an independent redistricting commission to apportion legislative and congressional districts
LRCA Citizens Redistricting Commission Amendment Redistricting Creates a citizens redistricting commission to apportion legislative and congressional districts


See also: Missouri 2014 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
CICA Early Voting Initiative Elections Implements six-week voting period
CICA Teacher Performance Evaluation Amendment Education Implements performance evaluation for teachers, tied to pay, raises, etc.


See also: Nevada 2014 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
CICA Healthcare Exchange Initiative Healthcare Prohibits state and local governments from creating, operating or maintaining a health insurance exchange
CICA Voter ID Initiative Elections Requires voters to present an ID prior to voting

New Jersey

See also: New Jersey 2014 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
LRCA ACR 11 Marriage Defines marriage as between one man and one woman, thus effectively terminating same-sex marriage
LRCA Right to Hunt and Fish Amendment Hunt & Fish Establishes the right to hunt, fish, trap and harvest game animals
LRCA Tax Bill Supermajorities Amendment Legislature Requires a three-fifths majority vote in the state legislature for all tax bills
LRCA Veterans’ Property Tax Amendment Veterans Increases the veterans’ property tax deduction; extends deduction to more groups
LRCA Pretrial Detention Amendment Trials Provides for pretrial detention of certain criminal defendants; establishes non-monetary bail alternatives for release
LRCA SCR 118 Term Limits Excludes partial, unexpired terms served by the governor from the two-term limit
LRCA SCR 84 Environment Dedicates six percent of corporate business tax revenues to open space preservation
LRCA Voter Approval of Indebtedness Amendment Bonds Modifies voter approval requirements for state indebtedness
LRCA ACR 90 Bonds Requires voter approval of a dedicated funding source for bonded indebtedness of the transportation system
LRCA Healthcare Mandates Amendment Healthcare Prohibits the state or federal government from mandating individuals obtain healthcare coverage
LRCA ACR 15 Housing Clarifies the state is not obligated to to facilitate the availability of housing for all income levels
LRCA Public Schools Support Amendment Gov't Finances Provides for the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of free public schools
LRCA Indicted Elected Officials Amendment Gov't Acc Suspends elected officials who have been indicted and provide for temporary replacements
LRCA ACR 24 Civil Rights Guarantees right of the people to privacy from government intrusion
LRCA ACR 28 Environment Dedicates up to $25 million annually from realty transfer fee revenues to the Shore Protection Fund
LRCA ACR 36 & SCR 54 Direct Democracy Allows initiative and referendums on fiscal policy
LRCA ACR 67 Direct Democracy Creates indirect initiated constitutional amendments , indirect initiated state statutes and veto referendums
LRCA ACR 37 Transportation Dedicates excess revenue of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission to state transportation system costs
LRCA ACR 42 Gov't Finances Requires most state funding for public education to be distributed on a per pupil basis
LRCA Balanced Budget Amendment Gov't Finances Changes the way a balanced state budget is kept
LRCA Supreme Court Amendment Judiciary Amends the state supreme court selection and tenure processes
LRCA Judicial Retirement Age Amendment Judiciary Raises the mandated retirement age for judges and justices
LRCA SCR 25 & ACR 48 Abortion Allows legislature to require parental notification for medical treatment relating to pregnancy of a minor
LRCA ACR 49 & ACR 52 Term Limits Limits state senators to three successive terms and assembly members to five successive terms
LRCA ACR 54 & SCR 88 Gov't Finances Creates surplus revenue funds; amends the process for estimating state revenue
LRCA ACR 61 Gambling Dedicates revenues from sports betting to residential placements for persons with developmental disabilities
LRCA ACR 66 Pension Requires legislation enhancing public employee benefits to identify a funding source to defray cost of enhancement
LRCA ACR 70 Gov't Finances Requires bills with fiscal impacts to identify offsetting revenues/appropriation reductions prior to consideration
LRCA Appropriations Cap Amendment Gov't Finances Sets a cap on increases in annual state appropriations
LRCA Horse Racetrack Betting Amendment Gambling Allows for certain types of betting at horse racetracks; provides for allocation of revenues
LRCA Revenue Diversion Amendment Gov't Finances Prohibits diversion of dedicated state revenue
LRCA ACR 75 & SCR 11 State Exec Makes the office of comptroller an elected position and eliminates the office of auditor
LRCA ACR 77 & SCR 96 Labor Allows public employees to collectively bargain
LRCA ACR 78 Recall Changes recall petition signature requirement to 25 percent of voters at the most recent general election
LRCA ACR 79 Gov't Finances Dedicates 1 percent of the Corporation Business Tax revenue annually to fund dredging projects
LRCA Open Space Amendment Environment Dedicates $200 million or 2.4 percent of annual sales and use tax revenue to the preservation of open space
LRCA ACR 116 Environment Dedicates revenue from water consumption and diversion user fees for open space preservation
LRCA Municipal Open Spaces Amendment Gov't Finances Requires state to pay municipalities for open spaces
LRCA SCR 37 Taxes Reduces local property taxes for some privately-held lands that are permanently preserved as open space
LRCA Greenhouse Gas Initiative Amendment Environment Requires state participation in the Regional Greenhosue Gas Initiative
LRCA Probation Functions Amendment Judiciary Enables a statutory transfer of judiciary probation functions to the State Parole Board
LRCA ACR 86 & SCR 35 Taxes Provides a tax exemption for increases in property values due to improvements for disabled access in homes
LRCA ACR 87 & SCR 18 Taxes Allows veterans and their spouses to receive homestead rebate amounts similar to those for seniors and disabled
LRCA ACR 88 Taxes Limits annual assessment increases for homestead real property
LRCA Constitutional Convention on Property Taxes ConCon Calls for a limited constitutional convention on property taxation and government spending
LRCA ACR 95 Legislature Requires state legislatures to serve full-time
LRCA ACR 96 & SCR 16 Property Restricts condemnation power on non-blighted property for private economic development purposes
LRCA ACR 151 & SCR 106 Transportation Dedicates all revenue derived from the motor fuels taxes to the Transportation Trust Fund

North Carolina

See also: North Carolina 2014 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Literacy Test Repeal Amendment Suffrage Repeals the amendment requiring that every person be able to read and write English in order to register to vote
LRCA Independent Redistricting Amendment Redistricting Establishes an independent redistricting commission for all future state legislative and congressional redistricting
LRCA Supermajority Vote to Levy Taxes Amendment Taxes Requires a three-fifths vote in the legislature to levy state taxes
LRCA Board of Education Membership Amendment Education Makes the Superintendent of Public Instruction the chair of the Board of Education and authorizes the governor to appoint the Superintendent of Public Instruction
LRCA "Mentally Incompetent" Cannot Vote Amendment Suffrage Disqualifies the “adjudicated mentally incompetent” from voting
LRCA Judicial Nominating Committee Amendment Judiciary Creates a judicial nominating commission to pick two candidates for each court election for constituents to vote upon
LRCA Private Property Amendment Eminent domain Prevents property from being condemned solely for private economic development
LRCA "Sunshine" Amendment Gov't accountability Provides that all state and local government records are open to inspection and copying and that all normal meetings are open to the public
LRCA "Gun Rights" Amendment Firearms Restricts limitations that may be placed on a person who holds a concealed carry permit
LRCA Municipal Annexation Amendment Local gov't Restricts the ability of municipalities to annex other municipalities
LRCA "Right to Work" Amendment Labor Makes bargaining contracts between public entities and unions illegal
LRCA Secret Ballot Amendment Labor Preserves an individual’s right to a secret ballot for employee representation by a union
LRCA Secretary of Education Amendment Education Establishes the Office of the Secretary of Education in lieu of the superintendent of public education and state board of education
LRCA Age to Hold Elected Office Amendment Elections Reduces the age of eligibility to hold elected office from 21 to 18

North Dakota

See also: North Dakota 2014 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
CICA Direct Democracy Protection Initiative Direct democracy Prevents the legislature from amending Article III of the state constitution
CICA Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment Taxes Redirects some of the state's oil tax revenues to conservation efforts
CICA Property Tax Abolishment Initiative Taxes Requires the legislature to replace local governments' property tax income with state tax revenue
CISS Pharmacy Ownership Initiative Business regulation Removes requirement that majority ownership in a pharmacy be held by a registered pharmacist
CISS School Year Begins After Labor Day Initiative Education Mandates that school classes begin after Labor Day


See also: Ohio 2014 ballot measures


See also: Oregon 2014 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description


See also: Pennsylvania 2014 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description

Rhode Island

See also: Rhode Island 2014 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Initiative and Referendum Amendment Direct democracy Creates an initiative and referendum process Proposed ballot measures that were not on a ballot
LRCA Corporate Contributions Amendment Elections Defines corporations as artificial entities and prevents money spent to influence elections to be construed as speech Proposed ballot measures that were not on a ballot
LRCA Executive Office Vacancy Procedures Amendment State Exec Provides procedures for filling vacancies left by the lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general or treasurer Proposed ballot measures that were not on a ballot
LRCA Healthcare Premiums for State Officials Amendment Healthcare Requires state officials to contribute 20% towards the premium for health care coverage paid for by the state Proposed ballot measures that were not on a ballot
LRCA Term Limits Amendment Term limits Implements three-term limit on state assembly members, lengthens terms from two to four years Proposed ballot measures that were not on a ballot

South Carolina

See also: South Carolina 2014 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Separation Time for Divorce Amendment Marriage Reduces the separation time required for a no-fault divorce from 1 year to 150 days


See also: Utah 2014 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description


See also: Washington 2014 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
ITP Initiative 1351 Education Reduces class size