Powhatan County, Virginia

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Transparency Grade
Elected Officials
Administrative Officials
Permits, zoning
Contracts P
Public records P
Local taxes N
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Transparency grading process

Powhatan County is one of 95 counties in Virginia.

Website evaluation

Main article: Evaluation of Virginia county websites

This website was most recently evaluated April 4, 2013.

The good

  • Elected Officials
    • Contact information for the Board of Supervisors members is available. [1]
  • Meetings
    • Meeting dates are posted. [2]
    • Agendas are posted and archived. [3]
    • Meeting minutes are posted and archived to 2006. [4]
  • Administration
    • Contact information for the administrative officials is provided[5].
  • Budget
    • The current and proposed budgets are posted. [6]
    • Budgets are archived to 2008.
  • Audits
    • Audit reports are posted[7].
    • Audits are archived to 2004.
  • Permits and Zoning
    • Building and Zoning forms are provided[8].
  • Contracts
    • Current bids and recently awarded bids are posted. [9]
  • Public Records

The bad

  • Contracts
    • Awarded bids are not archived for more than one year.
  • Public Records
    • The website does not list the officer dedicated to handling public information requests.
    • Although a form can be downloaded, it can not be submitted online.
  • Lobbying
    • Information on taxpayer funded lobbying efforts, including membership in [government sector lobbying associations] that lobby on behalf of counties, or contracts with private lobbying firms are not posted.

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