Primary election dates in 2010

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State executive officials
State legislatures

Red padlock.png = A signature filing deadline has elapsed or a primary election has been held.

Note: The signature-filing deadline is the date by which candidates must file nominating signatures with election officials in order to have their name placed on the ballot.

May 2010

10 states hold their primaries in May, so that at the end of May, 12 states altogether will have held their 2010 primaries.

As of May 1, signature-filing deadlines have elapsed in 32 states, and 29 signature-filing deadlines remain. 8 of the remaining signature-filing deadlines fall in May. (The number of signature-filing deadlines adds up to more than 50 because several states have different deadlines for federal candidates versus state candidates, or for partisan candidates versus independent candidates.)


State Nominating Signature Deadline Primary Primary runoff
Alabama April 2 Red padlock.png June 1 July 13
Alaska June 1 August 24 N/A
Arizona May 26-By 5 PM MDT August 24 N/A
Arkansas March 8 Red padlock.png May 18 Red padlock.png June 8
California ! February 25 Red padlock.png June 8 N/A
Colorado May 27 August 10 N/A
Connecticut June 8 by 4PM-EDT-Major Parties, August 4, 2010-by 4 PM-EDT-Others August 10 N/A
Delaware May 15-GOP nominating convention, Democrat Convention-TBD in May. July 30 at 12:00 PM-EDT to be on the ballot September 14 N/A
Florida April 30 for federal candidates (Red padlock.png), June 18th all others. August 24 N/A
Georgia June 21 July 20 August 10
Hawaii July 20 by 4:30-PM HT September 18 N/A
Idaho March 19 Red padlock.png May 25 N/A
Illinois November 2, 2009 Red padlock.png February 2 Red padlock.png N/A
Indiana + ++ +++ February 19th-GOP and Democrats (Red padlock.png), June 30th-Independents/other candidates. May 4 Red padlock.png N/A
Iowa March 19 Red padlock.png June 8 N/A
Kansas June 10-Partisan Candidates, August 2 by 12 PM-Independents August 3 N/A
Kentucky January 26 Red padlock.png May 18 Red padlock.png N/A
Louisiana July 28-If a candidate chooses to use a petition instead of paying a fee. August 28 October 28-Party Candidates
Maine March 15 at 5 PM-ET for Party Candidates (Red padlock.png), Others June 1 by 5 PM-ET June 8 N/A
Maryland July 6 September 14 N/A
Massachusetts May 4-Partisan Red padlock.png, August 3-Independents[1]. September 14 N/A
Michigan May 11 Red padlock.png August 3 N/A
Minnesota June 1st by 5:00 PM-CDT!! August 10 N/A
Mississippi March 1-Federal Candidates (Red padlock.png), April 12-State Candidates (Red padlock.png) June 1 June 22
Missouri March 30 Red padlock.png August 3 N/A
Montana March 15 Red padlock.png June 8 N/A
Nebraska February 15 Red padlock.png May 11 Red padlock.png N/A
Nevada January 15-Judicial Candidates (Red padlock.png), March 12-Non Judicial (Red padlock.png) June 8 N/A
New Hampshire June 11 September 14 N/A
New Jersey April 5 Red padlock.png June 8 N/A
New Mexico February 9-Statewide[2] (Red padlock.png) and US Congress, March 16-All other candidates[3] (Red padlock.png) June 1 N/A
New York July 22nd[4]. September 14 N/A
North Carolina February 26 Red padlock.png May 4 Red padlock.png June 22
North Dakota March 8 Red padlock.png June 8 N/A
Ohio February 18-Partisan by 4 PM-EDT (Red padlock.png), May 3 by 4 PM-EDT-Independents May 4 Red padlock.png N/A
Oklahoma June 9 July 27 August 24
Oregon March 9-Partisan (Red padlock.png), August 24-Independents May 18 Red padlock.png N/A
Pennsylvania March 9 Red padlock.png May 18 Red padlock.png N/A
Rhode Island May 28 September 14 N/A
South Carolina March 30 Red padlock.png June 8 June 22
South Dakota March 30 Red padlock.png June 8 June 29
Tennessee April 1 Red padlock.png August 5 N/A
Texas January 4 Red padlock.png March 2 Red padlock.png April 13 Red padlock.png
Utah March 19 Red padlock.png June 22 N/A
Vermont July 19 September 14 N/A
Virginia April 9 Red padlock.png June 8 N/A
Washington June 11 August 17 N/A
West Virginia January 30 Red padlock.png May 11 Red padlock.png N/A
Wisconsin July 13, by 5 PM-CDT September 14 N/A
Wyoming May 28th-Partisan Candidates, August 23rd-Independents August 17 N/A

Denotes states using a nominating convention to choose candidates.

+ The February 19th Deadline in Indiana is for US Congress, US Senate, and State House of Representatives. Indiana Law mandates that all statewide officers regardless of party are nominated via a statewide convention[5]. All Libertarian Party candidates are nominated by a statewide convention with the deadline set for July 15th, 2010[5] [6].

++ All Democrat and Republican contenders for US House of Representatives, State Senate, and State House of Representatives are not required to file nominating petitions[7].

+++ The January 19th signature deadline is the final statewide certification deadline for U.S. Senate candidates. All US Senate candidates must have their petitions certified by the county election offices by 12:00 PM-EDT by January 16, 2010[8] [9] [10].

! In lieu of a filing fee mandated by California law[11].

!! The State of Minnesota changed its primary election and signature filing deadlines in order to be compliance with the Miliary and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act [12].

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