Projected outcomes of state house elections, 2010

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State house elections
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State house elections
State senate elections
State legislative elections
        Projected outcomes of state senate electionsProjected outcomes of state legislative electionsNovember 2, 2010 election results

2010 State House Elections


Before election: 32

Projected after election: 24


Before election: 16

Projected after election: 20
13 Safe or Not Up 5 5 6 5 2 13 Safe or Not Up

Since there are 49 lower house chambers, a political party is defined as having the majority of state houses if it has at least 25.

The Democratic Party needs to win all the safe, likely and leans Democratic, and 1 of the toss-up states, to get to 25.

The Republican Party needs to win all the safe, likely and leans Republican, and all 5 toss-up states, to get to 25.

Safe D Likely Dem. Leans Dem. Toss Up Leans GOP Likely GOP Safe R
Arkansas (D)
California (D)
Connecticut (D)
Hawaii (D)
Maryland (D)
Massachusetts (D)
New York (D)
Rhode Island (D)
Vermont (D)
West Virginia (D)
Not up:
Louisiana (D)
Mississippi (D)
New Jersey (D)
Kentucky (D)
Maine (D)
Nevada (D)
New Mexico (D)
Oregon (D)
Delaware (D)
Illinois (D)
Michigan (D)
Minnesota (D)
Washington (D)
Alabama (D)
Colorado (D)
Iowa (D)
New Hampshire (D)
North Carolina (D)
Wisconsin (D)
Indiana (R)
Montana (R)
Ohio (R)
Pennsylvania (R)
Alaska (Split)[1]
Tennessee: (R)
Texas (R)
Arizona (R)
Florida (R)
Georgia (R)
Idaho (R)
Kansas (R)
Missouri (R)
North Dakota (R)
Oklahoma (R)
South Carolina: (R)
South Dakota: (R)
Utah (R)
Wyoming (R)
Not up:
Virginia (R)
Partisan dominance in state houses
heading into the 2010 state legislative elections
Nevada State AssemblyMassachusetts House of RepresentativesColorado House of RepresentativesNew Mexico House of RepresentativesWyoming House of RepresentativesArizona House of RepresentativesMontana House of RepresentativesCalifornia State AssemblyOregon House of RepresentativesWashington House of RepresentativesIdaho House of RepresentativesTexas House of RepresentativesOklahoma House of RepresentativesKansas House of RepresentativesSouth Dakota House of RepresentativesNorth Dakota House of RepresentativesMinnesota House of RepresentativesIowa House of RepresentativesMissouri House of RepresentativesArkansas House of RepresentativesLouisiana House of RepresentativesMississippi House of RepresentativesAlabama House of RepresentativesGeorgia House of RepresentativesFlorida House of RepresentativesSouth Carolina House of RepresentativesIllinois House of RepresentativesWisconsin State AssemblyTennessee House of RepresentativesNorth Carolina House of RepresentativesIndiana House of RepresentativesOhio House of RepresentativesKentucky House of RepresentativesPennsylvania House of RepresentativesNew Jersey State AssemblyNew York State AssemblyVermont House of RepresentativesVermont House of RepresentativesNew Hampshire House of RepresentativesMaine House of RepresentativesWest Virginia House of DelegatesVirginia State AssemblyMaryland House of DelegatesMaryland House of DelegatesConnecticut House of RepresentativesConnecticut House of RepresentativesDelaware House of RepresentativesDelaware House of RepresentativesRhode Island House of RepresentativesRhode Island House of RepresentativesMassachusetts House of RepresentativesNew Hampshire House of RepresentativesMichigan House of RepresentativesMichigan House of RepresentativesAlaska House of RepresentativesHouses Map 2010.png


  1. The Alaska House of Representatives is split evenly at 10 Democrats and 10 Republicans