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==Current membership==
==Current membership==
[[Andrea Stillman]], Co-Chair<br>
[[Elizabeth Ritter]], Co-Chair<br>
[[Gayle Slossberg]], Vice Chair<br>
[[Christopher Lyddy]], Vice Chair<br>
[[Jason Welch]], Ranking Member<br>
[[Jason Perillo]], Ranking Member<br>
[[Catherine Abercrombie]]<br>
[[Timothy J. Ackert]]<br>
[[Andres Ayala, Jr.]]<br>
[[Whit Betts]]<br>
[[Dan Carter]]<br>
[[Linda Gentile]]<br>
[[John Hetherington]]<br>
[[Robert Kane]]<br>
[[Timothy LeGeyt]]<br>
[[Matthew Lesser]]<br>
[[Vickie Orsini Nardello]]<br>
[[Melissa Olson]]<br>
[[Edith Prague]]<br>
[[Kevin Ryan]]<br>
[[David Scribner]]<br>
[[Prasad Srinivasan]]<br>
[[Joseph Taborsak]]<br>
[[Peter Tercyak]]<br>
[[Patricia Widlitz]]<br>
==Former members==
==Former members==

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The Public Health Committee is a Joint standing committee of the Connecticut General Assembly and contains members of the Senate and the House. In the Connecticut Legislature, there are no separate chamber committees.

Current membership

Andrea Stillman, Co-Chair
Elizabeth Ritter, Co-Chair
Gayle Slossberg, Vice Chair
Christopher Lyddy, Vice Chair
Jason Welch, Ranking Member
Jason Perillo, Ranking Member
Catherine Abercrombie
Timothy J. Ackert
Andres Ayala, Jr.
Whit Betts
Dan Carter
Linda Gentile
John Hetherington
Robert Kane
Timothy LeGeyt
Matthew Lesser
Vickie Orsini Nardello
Melissa Olson
Edith Prague
Kevin Ryan
David Scribner
Prasad Srinivasan
Joseph Taborsak
Peter Tercyak
Patricia Widlitz

Former members

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