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Public Opinion Strategies is a public opinion polling firm with offices in Washington, D.C., Denver, Colorado, and Los Angeles, California. According to the organization's website, it specializes in "corporate, public policy and litigation research."

The organization was founded in 1991 with roots in "political campaign management" and consistent with that background, the type of work the firm often does is proprietary polling for campaigns, including ballot measure campaigns, to help advocates determine what messages are most likely to persuade people to vote one way or another.

Robert Autry, Glen Bolger, Elizabeth Harrington, Stephen M. Kinney, Nicole McCleskey, Bill McInturff, Neil Newhouse, Patrick Lanne, Gene Ulm, and Lori Weigel are partners in the firm.

Ballot measure work

Worked for yes campaign
Worked for no campaign

In 2010, Public Opinion Strategies consulted for two of the statewide propositions on the California ballot:

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