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*[https://www.readyforhillary.com/ Ready for Hillary website]
*[https://www.readyforhillary.com/ Ready for Hillary website]
*[http://instagram.com/ReadyforHillary# Instagram account]
*[http://instagram.com/ReadyforHillary# Instagram account]
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Ready for Hillary
Ready for Hillary.jpg
President:Judy A. Beck, Treasurer
Chairman:Adam Parkhomenko and Allida Black, Co-founders
Year created:January 2013
Super PACs

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The Ready for Hillary is a Super PAC urging former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016 and laying the groundwork of support for her potential candidacy.[1]

Clinton is not formally connected to the group, which can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money.[2] Super PACs are not allowed to coordinate their message or spending with any candidate or political party, and Ready for Hillary organizers say they have had no contact with Clinton or those in her immediate circle of advisers. The Clinton camp says the same.[3] “They are an independent entity acting on their own passion,” said Nick Merrill, a Clinton spokesman. “Their energy and enthusiasm to convince her to run is inspiring, though only she in the end can make that very personal decision.”[3]

The group was launched in January 2013 by Adam Parkhomenko and Allida Black.[4][5]

On June 18, 2013, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) became the first sitting member of Congress to endorse Hillary Clinton for president in 2016.[6]

2014 elections

The super PAC is planning to mobilize supporters to help Democrats in Senate, gubernatorial and House races, with a focus on 2014.[7]

Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D), a high-profile backer of the group, said retaking control of Congress is necessary for Clinton — or any Democrat running for president — to be successful.[7]

“Whoever the next Democratic president is, they don't want to be saddled with the same congress that President Obama has — you don't want a presidency where you're playing defense the whole time,” she said.[7] “It's important for the Democratic Party that people get out there and change the dynamics so you don't have a paralyzed Congress."[7]

2013 elections

See also: Virginia gubernatorial election, 2013

The first push in mobilizing supporters will be for Terry McAuliffe (D), a longtime Clinton family ally running for governor in Virginia in 2013.[7]

“We have identified a large group of Hillary supporters in Virginia. There's a very important election this November, and we're absolutely going to make sure our supporters are aware of that election,” said Ready for Hillary executive director Adam Parkhomenko. “Any way our organization can help, within the legal limits, is something we'll do.”[7]

The fall of 2013 will also focus on fundraising, with more than a dozen events being set up across the country including in New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.[7]

Hiring of 270 Strategies

Ready for Hillary announced the hiring of a Democratic firm called 270 Strategies in July 2013 to oversee grassroots organizing, volunteer training and recruitment.[8] The move helped improve the legitimacy of the group among some skeptical donors. The firm, started by top aides in President Barack Obama's last election, is working on a plan to expand the operation across the country.[8][9]

The group has also recruited help from a number of veterans from Hillary and Bill Clinton’s political operation, including former Bill Clinton strategist Harold Ickes, former Clinton White House political director Craig Smith and former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Jim Lamb advising the group on strategy, while longtime confidant James Carville recently sent out a fundraising solicitation under his name.[4]

Campaign donors


First half of 2013: Ready for Hillary raised $1.25 million in the first half of 2013, including $1 million in June 2013.[4][10]

According to guidelines, PACs that filed quarterly in 2012 file semi-annually in 2013.[4]

Ready for Hillary says it will not accept million-dollar donations, as some super PACs have, instead opting for more of a grassroots approach to encouraging Clinton into the race. The maximum donation it accepts is $25,000.[4] According to reports from July 2013, the group has reportedly already received -- and declined -- offers for donations worth millions of dollars.[11] "We have turned away seven-figure checks," said co-founder Adam Parkhomenko.[11]

2013 total: In January 2013, Ready for Hillary announced its 2013 total haul. From more than 33,000 donors, the group raised over $4 million in 2013.[12][13]

Donor meetings

Despite Ready for Hillary's reluctance to accept seven figure checks, the group invited supporters in August 2013 to donate amounts of $5,000 and above to be invited to donor meetings in NYC and Los Angeles. If a supporter donates $25,000 and above, he or she would be named as a co-chairman of the meetings held in November 2013.[14]

Campaign fundraisers

In an effort to gear up for 2014 elections, the group will hold at least two fundraisers and information sessions in 2013. [15]

October 2013: On October 22, 2013 former Tampa, Florida Mayor Sandy Freedman hosted a fundraiser and informational session about the group.

November 2013: On November 6, 2013, the group held a Los Angeles fundraiser, with an entry fee of $20.16.[15][16] While the fundraiser raised just $8,000 for the group, organizers stressed that they are less focused on raising huge sums and more intent on building a national network of supporters ready to back her bid.[16]

“We’ve had supporters from across the country say, ‘What can we do to help?,’” said Seth Bringman, a spokesman for the group. “One of the things we’re encouraging supporters to do, whether at small house parties or larger events like these, is to host small-dollar fundraising events. The money is used to gather and expand upon this grass roots army that we’re building to encourage Hillary to run,” he said. “Specifically, we’re doing quite a bit of digital advertising to get our name out there. We’ve become the vehicle through which Hillary supporters can express their support. We recently expanded our team in order to really be able to communicate with supporters across the country.”[15]

The group is also planning possible events in locations including the University of Buffalo, the Twin Cities and San Francisco.[15]

Philanthropist Agnes Gund held a high-end fundraiser in late November.[17]

Merger with Hillary FTW fails

A planned merger between two political action committees competing to lay the groundwork for a Hillary Clinton presidential campaign fell through in July 2013 despite weeks of talks between the groups.[18][19][20]

Under the discussed arrangement, Ready for Hillary, the leading PAC supporting Clinton’s possible presidential campaign in 2016, would have absorbed a smaller California-based group, HillaryFTW, or “Hillary For the Win.”[18]

Hector Pacheco, a 26-year-old attorney, founded HillaryFTW in March 2013. He said he decided against the merger after about three weeks of talks with Ready for Hillary because of what he called “a handful of differences.”[18]

“We are focused on California fundraising, Latina outreach, and trying to get down into raising money for political polling,” said Pacheco. “They’re more interested in running a campaign. The feeling was that this was the Hillary Clinton campaign without Hillary Clinton. So it wasn’t necessarily a deal that could be sweetened enough for me and my team.”

For one, Pacheco said he wants his effort to stay rooted in the West Coast, where he hopes to “create a groundswell around Hillary.” Ready for Hillary is based in northern Virginia, though it has hosted small rallies across the country. Ready for Hillary, Pacheco argued, is too “connected to D.C. and the East Coast, and more plugged into the scene there,” he said. “Whereas we’re more of an outsider group, and that’s something we enjoy and pride ourselves in.”[18]

“This race is still three years away, but as we discussed the merger, it was clear that they wanted to make sure everything looked great from the get-go. They didn’t want to do big fundraisers. It was like perception is reality for them, and that’s not something we’re focusing on,” Pacheco said.[18]

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