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* [[Terry Hill recall, Basehor, Kansas (2011)]]
* [[Terry Hill recall, Basehor, Kansas (2011)]]
* [[Dennis Mertz and Iris Dysart recall, Basehor, Kansas (2011)]]
* [[Dennis Mertz and Iris Dysart recall, Basehor, Kansas (2011)]]
* [[Larry Wilson reclal, Shawnee County, Kansas (2011)]]
* [[Larry Wilson recall, Shawnee County, Kansas (2011)]]

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Approveda = The recall target was recalled by voters.

Defeatedd = When a recall vote was held, voters rejected the attempt to recall the politician (that is, voters decided to keep/retain the targeted politician).

Proposed ballot measures that were not on a ballot = The recall effort did not collect enough signatures to force a recall vote.

Portal:Recall = The targeted politician resigned after a recall campaign was begun, and before the vote on the recall would have taken place.


= A judge prevented the recall from going forward.


= A recall election is scheduled.



See also: March 2, 2010 ballot measures in Kansas and August 3, 2010 ballot measures in Kansas

Approveda Christine Watson recall, Ohio Township, Kansas (2010)
ApprovedaPortal:Recall Carol Berning recall, Leoti, Kansas (2010)
Defeatedd Don Call recall, McCune, Kansas (2010)
Defeatedd Chris Lette recall, Udall, Kansas (2010)
Defeatedd Bill Goebel recall, Jetmore, Kansas (2010)
Approveda Gardner City Council recall, Gardner, Kansas, 2010
Approveda Jimmy Bonds recall, Ogden, Kansas, 2010


ApprovedaBalance48.png Shay Baker recall, Leavenworth, Kansas, 2009



Approveda J.H. Graham recall (1911).

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